MCAA Virtual Fab Mini Showcased a Modern Approach to Fabrication

December 10, 2020

Modern Companies presented a virtual tour of their Cedar Rapids, Iowa fabrication operations as part of MCAA’s first Fab Mini presentation. 

With the postponement of the 2020 Fabrication Conference to 2021, MCAA offered members a virtual tour of one of the country’s most innovative contractors in Modern Companies. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Modern has offices and fabrication facilities across two states.   

To help track, manage and coordinate fabrication for all of their jobsites and facilities, Modern has integrated MSUITE’s FabPro software to digitize their operations. Their process takes BIM models generated from their VDC department and puts it in the hands of fabrication workers and field personnel.   

Not only does it allow for greater amount of information in the hands of those who use it, but it improves communications and labor tracking throughout the company.  In the webinar, Modern’s Fab Shop Manager in Cedar Rapids, Jim Tedrow explains how everyone in the field, the office and the shop get access to better information which almost eliminates the number of calls received a day.  All the status updates, small changes or even full stops are communicated in the software so that everyone working on it knows what the latest change is or can shut down the process entirely. 

The webinar, available online to MCAA members is available for viewing through the MCAA Resources Section or clicking the button below. 


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