MCERF’s Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT) To Be Showcased at MCAA18

February 13, 2018
MCERF's Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT), a free Revit add-in to analyze and document MEP spaces for congestion and complexity, will be demonstrated in an education session at MCAA18.

GO ALL IN On Your BIM Efforts With MCERF’s CMT, a Free Revit Add-in! 

Are you attending MCAA18 in San Antonio? If so, you can see the CMT in action and ask questions of the software’s developer Brett Young (BuildingSP) during a session entitled Innovation for Virtual Design in Construction.

Download the MCERF CMT

If you have not yet downloaded MCERF’s  free Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT) onto your Revit stations, you are missing a unique opportunity to take your virtual design for construction (VDC) to the next level! The CMT, which is a Revit add-in, will allow you to visualize and quantify the amount of congestion and complexity in a designed space by generating heat maps whose colors and shadings change based on the amount of equipment or other objects in a given space. You can also export this information as data and use it as data analytics or to create metrics for your past, present, and future projects.

Still not convinced? Check out the accompanying CMT Video (shown above) featuring industry stakeholders who developed the CMT but who also use it on their projects.

The CMT is provided free for use by the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. 

This is a high-resolution output of a high-congestion area at the building core at 50% completed drawings (CD) using MCERF’s CMT. What types of metrics could you develop from such “heat map” images?

Metrics…and More!

MCERF’s CMT enables MEP practitioners to engage in new and exciting forms of building information analysis. It can provide metrics for questions such as:

  • How does congestion vary by project type?
  • How does congestion grow during design, coordination, and construction?
  • By what percentage do design models differ in routing from design through construction?
  • How do project scope changes alter congestion and affect coordination?
  • How does congestion vary down a corridor?
  • Which strategies help manage the most challenging congestion?
  • Which MEP congestion levels and characteristics support maintainability? Constructability?

Need Technical Help?

Contact Brett Young at BuildingSP

Have Other Feedback?

Contact MCERF’s Dennis Langley

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