How Most Contractors Build Plumbing Service Business

October 9, 2020

PCA’s fourth module in their Virtual Education Series on Plumbing Service focuses on water heater service and installation, the entry point for most contractors trying to build a commercial plumbing business.

Although most contractors get started in commercial plumbing through warranty, repair and servicing new construction work, the most common way that most contractors build their commercial plumbing service division is through water heater repair and installation. Most manufacturers are in constant search of reliable contractors to help repair and install their products after the point of sale. By becoming a certified repair and installation contractor for water heaters, it not only drives reliable work, but gets you in the door with potential new customers.

In the fourth module of the PCA’s Virtual Education Series on Plumbing Service, attendees will get a first-hand look at how the host company, JPG Plumbing and Mechanical Services, perform water heater service, repair and training.  The module will feature a video taken with JPG President, John Geiling discussing their progression into commercial water heating and the pros and cons of it. The video continues with an overview from JPG Vice President, Marc Gluck on how they teach technical skills for plumbing service and the tools required. 

In addition to the JPG case study, Dustin Bowerman from Bradford White, discusses how manufacturers work with contractors and JATC’s to provide training on all of their products in order to develop a mastery of the processes, software and equipment.

Following the video, the PCA’s Sean McGuire will lead a virtual discussion with John Geiling, Marc Gluck and Dustin Bowerman on some of the commercial plumbing service. They will discuss the corporate benefits, technical skills and strategies that are needed in order to be successful.

The PCA Virtual Education Series is a seven-module case study with weekly sessions focusing on JPG Plumbing & Mechanical Services. Each module includes a video, an online discussion and handouts.  The series is limited to MCAA, PCA and MSCA members and costs $400. Prior sessions can still be accessed after their live broadcast.

For more information, contact Sean McGuire.


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