Guardian Fall Protection SRL-STOP USE NOTICE

January 2, 2020

A small number of Guardian Fall Protection leading edge compatible self-retracting lifelines (SRL-LE) have been identified as non-compliance with the American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) standard Z359.14-14 Safety Requirements For Self-Retracting Devices For Personal Fall Arrest And Rescue Systems. The affected SRLs, which must be removed from service immediately, include the following.

Halo (formerly Edge) SRLs:

  • #10908 (20’ Web)
  • #10931 (20’ Stainless Steel)
  • #10933 (25’ Stainless Steel)
  • #10936 (30’ Stainless Steel) Diablo (formerly Daytona) SRLs
  • #10979 (50’ Stainless Steel)
  • #10980 (65’ Stainless Steel)

All custom or private-labeled SRLs related to these parts are also affected.

Read the Stop Use Notice

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