Succession Planning (SPS) Seminars

Regardless of how successful your company is, the challenges to remain successful are daunting. Don’t think so? Only 1/3 of private/family-owned businesses survive from a first to second generation and less than 15% survive from a second to third generation. This course may be the most important education ever received as it may literally mean the difference in if your company survives. You’ll learn how to avoid mistakes that are common to so many business owners and learn tax mitigation strategies that depending on your business/estate size may save millions of dollars in taxes that otherwise will be owed.

These courses are eligible for a 20% rebate on instructor fees, up to $5,000 per class. This benefit is available only to MCAA members and local affiliates in good standing who book courses via the NEI Initiative portal.

Classes taught by Terry & Lee Resnick include:

SPS 101: Assuring the Successful Continuation of Your Company – Navigating the Challenges of Upcoming Federal Tax Law Change