Customer Service Excellence Seminar (CSE)

In this class attendees will learn how to:
1) How to Keep More of the Business You Have
2) How to Build Breakthrough Relationships With Your Clients
3) Telephone and Field Soft Skills Transfer
4) How to Deal with an Angry Customer (and turn him into a Raving Fans)
5) How to Generate Endless Referrals from the Field
6) 10 Strategies Every Manager Needs to Know and Adopt
7) The Value of Appreciation, Respect and Understanding
8) Generating Leads and New Business from the Field (Increasing Revenue without Increasing Overhead!)

This class is ideal for office staff, technicians, supervisors and foremen, sales people, GM’s and service manager.

This course is eligible for a 20% rebate on instructor fees, up to $5,000 per class. This benefit is available only to MCAA members and local affiliates in good standing who book courses via the NEI Initiative portal.

Classes taught by Mark Matteson include:

CSE 101: Sales Success Strategies