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HVACR 101 Workbook Module 4 – Air Conditioning Basic—Small Tonnage

This module explains the the components of a basic refrigeration cycle and identifies the types equipment that are most often encountered in residential and small business applications. It also helps the user to understand the purpose of equipment efficiency ratings such as SEER and Energy Star.

HVACR 101 Workbook Module 5 – Air Conditioning Basic—Large Tonnage

This module provides an overview of the equipment, concepts and operation of large tonnage systems. It also highlights HVACR refrigerant types, regulations and special handling procedures to help your team recognize the most common issues or questions that HVACR businesses encounter when dealing with large tonnage systems.

Model Hearing Conservation Program

“Mechanical construction contractors can easily establish a written program to help their workers protect themselves from hearing loss, and to comply with OSHA hearing protection requirements.”

MSCA Customer Service Training Series

MSCA’s 30-module program is designed to provide in-house training of your service employees whenever and wherever you want. The Participant Workbook includes materials for all 30 modules and notes for each session and the Leader’s Guide contains detailed class content that can readily be delivered by a non-professional trainer. The Leader’s Guide also includes the full text of the Participant Workbook for easy reference and all the required PowerPoint slides for ease of presentation . Revised in 2008.

Service Technologies Assessment Guide

“This guide will provide a step-by-step approach to assessing and selecting the most appropriate service technologies
for your company’s specific needs. You’ll learn how to evaluate your company’s unique requirements when considering
or purchasing new service software, GPS, smart phones, wireless devices or other essential technologies. Rapid advances in new technologies and endless choices on the market today will make this your go-to guide to help you spend your high-tech dollars wisely.”

Labor Estimating Guide for Service Version 2.0

Find industry consensus data for routine maintenance tasks and average times to complete those tasks in this handy guide. A discussion on basic assumptions, labor correction factors, list of routine maintenance tasks for 50 different pieces of equipment and more are included. The tasking lists are provided in both Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel formats for flexibility. Also available as a . ZIP archive for immediate download.