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How to Sell Service Agreements

On average, service agreements see a 3-5x ROI in additional work.

And yet, we’re seeing a shocking number of service departments simply giving up on selling service agreements.

Has it fallen out of fashion? ‘Too hard’ to train a new sales team on? Just don’t know the tactics to get it right?

Either way, the businesses that are neglecting service agreements are knee-capping top-line revenue growth and service departments are feeling it acutely.

MSCA & BuildOps hosted a webinar on real, actionable tactics on how to sell service agreements.

They covered:
✅ How to uniquely position and highlight the value of service agreements to your customers & prospects
✅ How to effectively train sales reps on selling service agreements (even if they’re brand new reps!)
✅ How to deliver class-leading customer service AND generate massive ROI on service agreements

Plumbing Service 101 Workbook Module 5 – Operations

This module covers many factors that must be considered, such as determining which existing HVACR service department resources might be utilized in an effective organizational structure with key personnel roles defined. Moreover, information is presented on establishing an operating philosophy which integrates plumbing service into the existing company’s corporate culture, including effectively communicating plumbing service details to employees, vendors, and customers.

MSCA 2022 Benchmark Survey

In 2022, MSCA conducted a comprehensive benchmark survey to obtain current data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the HVACR and plumbing service industry. The results were very insightful and sure to be beneficial to all MSCA members. The full report is now available, results are presented in two formats, one is overall results and the second is broken down by company size which can provide specific insight relevant to your company.

Webinar: Are You Prepared for the Upcoming R-22 Phaseout?

This webinar discusses R-22, 410A and other refrigerant phaseouts, and covers practical ways to prepare your company and your customers. This webinar was led by experienced service contractor and instructor Woody Woodall of Customer Focused Solutions and hosted by BuildOps.

Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Training Program

Together with the United Association (UA), MCAA is excited to bring you a new Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Program. Heat pumps provide clean energy that can reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide from energy sources, thus operating more efficiently. Numerous state and federal financial incentives make heat pumps beneficial to both building owners and contractors. Signatory contractors and UA members are uniquely qualified to get trained and perform the work to reduce the carbon footprint for any state or city. Email Raffi Elchemmas ( or Robert Vilches ( to sign up.

National Service and Maintenance Agreement

The National Service and Maintenance Agreement is an agreement negotiated and administered by the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry (UA) and the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) and is a signed contract between the UA and individual mechanical service contracting firms who apply and qualify. The Agreement is a nationally recognized tool that helps contractors provide quality, consistent service to their customers throughout the country and helps reclaim lost market share. The Agreement covers all work performed by service, plumbing and refrigeration contractors to keep facilities and existing systems within those facilities operating in an efficient manner. This can include air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, plumbing, ventilation, building automation systems and total building operations. The current National Service and Maintenance Agreement between the UA and MSCA is in effect from August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2027.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Fabrication Shop Workers

This quick reference tool provides critical information on 61 safety and health topics that are specific to work performed by mechanical fabrication shop workers. The topics include everything from bloodborne pathogens through welding-cutting-heating, and zinc exposures. The manual also includes updated information on how to properly administer CPR.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians

This quick reference tool provides critical information on 84 safety and health topics that are specific to work performed by mechanical service technicians, including information on the newest and most frequently used refrigerants, substantive changes to NFPA 70E, and new information on how to properly administer CPR.