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NCPWB Technical Bulletin: What You Should Understand About GMAW (MIG) & FCAW Welding

While there is a lot of buzz about modern waveform controlled power sources and how they make it easier for a welder to make the root pass, the basics of MIG welding have not changed. This article describes the technical aspects of GMAW, explains how the metal gets from the wire to the workpiece (transfer modes), and highlights what contractors need to pay attention to when bringing the process into their shop or field fabrication site.

ESG Impact Plan Template

The ESG Impact Plan Template will help you drive business development, differentiate your business, and prepare for long-term success in an evolving environment by preparing your first ESG impact summary.

ESG Resource Guide 2024

The ESG Resource Guide 2024 highlights the what, when, where, and why’s of beginning your ESG journey, as well as five steps to help get you started. A chart is provided to help you monitor your progress in the different categories of ESG. The guide also includes a glossary of key terms, sample reports, commitments, and policies to help you prepare.

ESG Panel Presentation – MCAA24 Convention

The ESG Panel Presentation from the MCAA24 Convention highlights the Manufacturer/Supplier Council initiative that produced MCAA’s ESG resources, the results of multiple surveys conducted during the planning process, and the location of the new resources.

Successful VDC Management Flowchart

The best way to understand your company’s technology challenges is to understand your processes. This workflow tool helps you understand and document your company’s entire project management flow, including the application of fabrication, BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes. It identifies in detail the potential implementation of VDC throughout each phase of the project lifecycle and details the team members involved and their specific responsibilities for each phase of the construction process. (Note: MCAA members will need to set up a free Lucidchart account and create a copy of the template to customize the flowchart for their company’s processes.)

Model Fall Rescue Safety Program and Plan

Quick rescue is paramount to keeping workers safe while they are suspended in fall arrest harnesses after falling from an elevation. Having a safety program and plan in place to address the needs of these workers is critical to minimizing suspension trauma and meeting OSHA requirements. MCAA’s model program and accompanying model plan can be tailored to address various project fall arrest system applications and ensure the safety of your company’s most important asset, its workers.

The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction SmartMarket Report

The use of BIM and related technologies and processes that leverage data from models is delivering meaningful impact to mechanical and HVAC contractors on a wide variety of measures, including cost and schedule improvements, enhanced productivity, better collaboration between stakeholders and better worker safety. This research report quantifies other benefits to users and the challenges related to leveraging BIM to increase industry understanding of which factors will most effectively drive growth and expand future use.