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Career Development Initiative Podcast

In the Management Methods Committee’s latest podcast, Host Bob Lindbloom talks with MCAA’s Director, Career Development Harlee Gallo Mooney about our industry-leading career development program. This special pop-up edition of the podcast is available exclusively via the iTunes or Google Play stores. Have questions or need support? Contact us.

Scheduling Best Practices

This bulletin looks at how contractors can adapt and improve skill and competency at scheduling, which is necessary to deliver the value that customers expect on time. Prefer to listen? Check out the podcast!

2018 MCAA-Focused Construction Technology Report

MCAA sponsored the 2018 Construction Technology Report, produced by MCAA’s Technology partner, JBKnowledge. As part of our sponsorship, MCAA published an MCAA-Focused report that segments out responses given by MCAA members and compares them to the rest of the construction industry. With this new report, MCAA members can not only see how their companies compare to other MCAA members, but how our membership compares to the industry at large.

Developing Improved Labor-Management Relations Podcast

Host Bob Lindbloom and co-host Brodie Arndt discuss various collective bargaining approaches with C. Richard Barnes, an internationally recognized mediator, facilitator, skills trainer and speaker specializing in dispute resolution, workforce training, and leadership coaching. This podcast complements the Management Methods Bulletin on the same topic. Play the podcast directly from the WebBook, or listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

Aerial Lift Safety Training Video

The video teaches viewers how to protect themselves while working with aerial lifts. Topics covered include: load capacities, inspection and function testing, what to do in case of a problem, fall prevention and protection, and safe operating procedures.

Aerial Lift Safety Training Test

Verify that workers are retaining key training points from MCAA’s Aerial Lift Safety Training Video with this test, designed to be used in conjunction with the Aerial Lift Safety Training Test Answer Key.

Guide to Silica Safety

MCAA’s Guide to Silica Safety incorporates provisions in OSHA’s new Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard. The guide provides mechanical construction employers with the information they need to help their workers protect themselves from overexposure to respirable silica.

Inventory of Construction Industry Pension Plans

This ground-breaking analysis of historical trends in pension plans’ key operating data will aid stakeholders and public policy makers in ensuring plans’ futures with fact-based, in-depth analysis of plan experience over ten-year periods. Prepared by MCAA and Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC.

Related item: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Standard 715-80 “Disclosure about an Employer’s Participation in a Multiemployer Plan” including a FASB Disclosure Table Excel Worksheet and Guidance Memo

The Next Generation of Data Security

Anything related to technology or cyber security can no longer be taken on faith. It should be protected like any other company asset, but with different tools and strategies. This article is intended to provide guidance and insight of current tools and techniques to protect your data and operations.

Concurrent Delay

This bulletin provides an overview on the subject of concurrent delay. In some instances, contractors or subcontractors may be able to recover extended performance costs. They may also receive an extension of their performance time and as such, relief from liquidated damages.

MCAA Microsoft HoloLens Research Report

This eighth report in the MCAA Technology Research Series was written by our partners at JBKLabs exclusively for MCAA. It explores the possibilities for using augmented reality in the construction industry.