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Inventory of Construction Industry Pension Plans

This ground-breaking analysis of historical trends in pension plans’ key operating data will aid stakeholders and public policy makers in ensuring plans’ futures with fact-based, in-depth analysis of plan experience over ten-year periods. Prepared by MCAA and Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC.

Related item: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Standard 715-80 “Disclosure about an Employer’s Participation in a Multiemployer Plan” including a FASB Disclosure Table Excel Worksheet and Guidance Memo

Guide to Safety Incentive Programs

Encourage your employees to practice sound safety procedures by establishing an effective safety incentive program. This publication offers tips from those who have developed successful programs.

Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Guide

This guide will assist you in determining whether an injury or illness must be recorded and reported. It will also help you comply with applicable requirements in OSHA’s recordkeeping rule.

Model Electrical Safety in the Workplace Program (Based on NFPA 70E-2018)

NFPA 70E – 2018 states that each employer shall implement and document an overall electrical safety program that directs activity appropriate to the risk associated with electrical hazards. This model program, which is based largely on information from NFPA 70E – 2018 articles 110 – General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, 120 – Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition, and 130 – Work Involving Electrical Hazards, will help you develop an electrical safety program that is specific to your company’s needs.

2020-2021 Tool and Equipment Rental Guide

Why spend time gathering equipment rates when you don’t have to? This is a comprehensive, current guide to cost recovery for commonly used tools and equipment. MCAA members can now access our Tool and Equipment Rental Guide via an enhanced web portal. There you can refine your search to find what you need quickly. A list of all rates is also included. Regardless of how you view them, search results can be downloaded as either a .pdf or .csv file. The traditional PDF format is also available for download.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians

This comprehensive, user-friendly manual was designed specifically for the mechanical service industry. Color illustrations highlight key points and enhance the reader’s ability to find information.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Construction Workers

This comprehensive, user-friendly manual was designed specifically for the mechanical industry. It includes new information about noise, manganese and zinc. Color illustrations highlight key points and enhance readability.