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Sloan Products Deliver Hygienic Solutions for First ‘Post-COVID-19’ Office Building

Situated in a historic Chicago neighborhood, Fulton East is the nation’s first office building designed specifically to address employee health, safety, and wellness in a post-COVID-19 business environment—thanks in part to Sloan’s continued on page 8 touch-free commercial plumbing systems.

Thanks to Sloan’s integrated lineup of touch-free commercial plumbing systems, Chicago’s new Fulton East office and retail building is the nation’s first office building designed specifically to address employee health, safety, and wellness in the post-COVID-19 environment.

The 90,000-square-foot building located in Chicago’s Fulton Market District includes a number of leading-edge products. In addition to Sloan touch-free solar-powered faucets, soap dispensers, flushometers, and SloanTec® Hydrophobic Glaze for vitreous china fixtures, Fulton East is the world’s first new construction building to be equipped with Mad Elevator Inc.’s Toe-To-Go hands-free elevator system. Fulton East is also the first multistory office building to employ airPHX, nonthermal plasma technology throughout the entire building to help reduce cross-contamination risks and provide employees with cleaner air and work surfaces.

“Sloan is proud to support the next generation of commercial buildings as our society makes personal wellness a top priority,” said Jim Allen, Sloan co-president and CEO. “It is our responsibility to develop hygiene-friendly products that provide people with a sense of safety when they enter the restroom, and it was a privilege to be a part of this project in our backyard of Chicago.”

The project specified Sloan’s vitreous china Designer Urinal and wall-mounted water closet, each paired with a Sloan SOLIS® solar-powered and sensor-operated flushometer to deliver an energy-efficient and clean flush complemented by touch-free technology.

Sloan’s vitreous china undermount lavatory with Optima® solar-powered deck-mounted faucets and matching soap dispenser provide a hygienic handwashing solution. Each Sloan vitreous china fixture features SloanTec Hydrophobic Glaze, a proprietary water-repellant glaze that inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria to make the fixtures easier to clean.

Sloan’s touch-free faucets and matching soap dispensers provide a hygiene-friendly handwashing experience in the new Fulton East office building.

The building also includes a comprehensive set of other health, safety, and wellness enhancements, such as touch-free thermal scanning at the lobby security desk, continuous floor-to-ceiling low-E glass to provide the maximum amount of light into the building, and much more. All restrooms were constructed with one additional fixture than required by Chicago city code to help enhance social distancing measures.

“We have made a major investment of time and capital to bring Fulton East to market as a next-generation office building that prioritizes health, safety, and wellness for our tenants’ employees in a coordinated and comprehensive way,” said Bob Wislow, chairman and CEO of Parkside Realty, Inc., the developer of Fulton East. “We believe this is extremely important today, as employees and their families are deeply concerned about safety and well-being in the workplace environment.”

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