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Holmberg Mechanical Saves Time, Meets Regulatory Requirements with Help from Anvil International

Sean Pullin, second-year plumber apprentice for Holmberg Mechanical, installed Anvil’s Gruvlok fittings and couplings at Seattle’s new Colman Dock. Using Gruvlok took less time than welding and allowed the contractor to meet regulatory requirements for the public project.

Timeline on Track for Seattle’s New Colman Dock

Holmberg Mechanical knew Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products would help them meet the quick turnaround time required for the new Colman Dock in Seattle, WA, which will service the largest ferry system in North America. But the job posed another challenge. Because the dock is a publicly funded project (with a price tag of $455 million), Holmberg Mechanical had to comply with Buy America Act (BAA) standards. They needed to secure the right materials on time and with the proper BAA certification.

Anvil’s Gruvlok products met both criteria. Holmberg installed hundreds of Gruvlok fittings and couplings for the first hydrostatic test, which involved more than 1,000 linear feet of 6″ piping. The test was successful, and all Gruvlok products performed perfectly. Randy Hart of Holmberg Mechanical, who has been in the industry nearly 30 years, commented that Gruvlok technology “is a foolproof design that reduces labor when compared to welding.” Anvil International provided Holmberg all the required documentation to comply with BAA standards. Anvil is an MCAA major sponsor.

The combination of Gruvlok technology, excellent communication, and the ability to deliver all materials and documentation in a timely manner made the project a success for Holmberg Mechanical and Anvil International. This five-year project is expected to be complete in 2023.

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