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ServiceTrade Helps B&W Mechanical Put Customers First, Building Long-Term Loyalty

B&W Mechanical Vice President Brad Boggs documents an equipment issue using the ServiceTrade mobile app, which allows B&W to provide customers a clear picture of problems and speeds up the time to provide repair quotes.

B&W Mechanical, one of the largest mechanical contractors in the Southeast, chose ServiceTrade software to help them make the move from paper to digital, shortening the time it takes to provide quotes for repairs. Swift, detailed, clear communication is one way that B&W builds trust that leads to long-lasting customer relationships.

Telling the Story

The measure of B&W’s success has always been the quality of their work—whether their customers’ systems are operational and facility needs are met. But before implementing ServiceTrade, even while their priority was exceptional service, they found that communicating their top-notch work to customers was not always easy.

“Not knowing what the technician was up against or what was required—sometimes it’s difficult to justify what that invoice may be,” said Brad Boggs, vice president of B&W. With ServiceTrade, B&W customers now receive a chronological record that tells the full service and repair story.

“ServiceTrade helps us communicate clearly and accurately with our customers as well as transparently. They know everything that we know, and there are no surprises. When the invoice comes, there’s a clear, rich record of what was involved and what the customer is paying for,” said Boggs.

Decades-Long Relationships

B&W customers have come to expect that the right work will be done, and quickly. That kind of service nurtures customer relationships and grows businesses.

Using the ServiceTrade mobile app, B&W technicians document equipment issues during routine maintenance calls with rich media, such as images and audio files. When repairs are needed, those data are available instantly to the office, which uses the information to estimate the costs of repairs rapidly. Boggs pointed out, “The technician is able to gather a lot of the data in the field, and that allows us to get a quote back to the customer a lot of times on the same day.”

And those rich media records, delivered to customer via a one-click link, help paint the whole picture. “Our customers really love the fact that they’re getting data in the form of visuals and narrative,” Boggs said.

“This customer experience gives us the opportunity to create relationships that last for decades, where we’re a trusted partner who gets the right things done quickly,” Boggs noted.

B&W also appreciates that ServiceTrade software caters to commercial service contractors. “If we wanted to be the best we could be as a mechanical contractor to our customers, we had to also know that the software company we used was specialized in their field,” said Boggs. “Since onboarding ServiceTrade, we’ve found that it’s differentiated us from our competition pretty significantly.” 

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