Smart Solutions

Message from Bill Tavenner, MS/C Chairman: Meeting the Market’s Unique Demands

This issue of Smart Solutions demonstrates that contractors can stay profitable and still meet the complex and changing demands of their clients by relying on forward-looking products from MCAA’s Supplier Partners. Seattle’s new floating bridge—the longest in the world—is a marvel of modern technology that Diamond B Constructors, Inc. helped build, using American-made Anvil products to satisfy purchasing requirements and the unique needs of a floating roadway over an ecologically sensitive lake.

Tasked with fixing a refrigerant line leak in a computer room, Davis Mechanical Service, Inc. found Parker-Hannifin’s ZoomLock™ Braze-Free Fittings ideal in a setting where using a torch was a poor option. Rawal’s APR Control was the perfect fix for a mixed-use facility seeing the effects of hot weather, high humidity, and fluctuating attendance on an overtaxed air conditioning system. Lightweight, environmentally friendly Aquatherm pipe systems fit the bill for a school expansion project and helped John E. Green Co. decrease its installation time. Using Miller’s all-in-one PipeWorx 400 welding system, Team Industries is improving consistency of welds—saving time and money—while also maximizing shop space. Daikin’s energy-efficient chillers achieved comfort for an apartment building’s tenants and generated a healthy energy rebate for its owners.

Supplier Partners are also coming up with new ways to help you streamline business practices with new technology. For example:

  • KEY2ACT partnered with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions on new software that lets contractors use smart glasses to capture photos and videos of their work onsite, which has already helped speed up customer payment and dramatically cut down on disputed charges.
  • Employing Victaulic’s project management, coordination, and new 3D scanning technology allowed Western Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to cut days off the schedule for a historic building renovation.
  • T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors saw a sizable, and rapid return on investment thank to the BuildingAdvice Energy Services Delivery platform, generating over $400,000 in new preventive maintenance contracts and pull-through sales.
  • L.J. Kruse Co. found that going digital with iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms paid off rapidly by saving time and eliminating errors.

MCAA’s focus on education is especially strong in this issue. Appion explains how to streamline the time-consuming process of refrigerant recovery, while Honeywell offers advice on retrofitting air conditioning systems with less hassle. You will find detailed practical suggestions on safe material handling from trusted industry voice CNA. You will also learn about new commercial HVAC regulations, thanks to Emerson.

Our Supplier Partners are always on your side when it comes to making your business better. You can visit them in person at MCAA 2017.

Bill Tavenner, Chairman