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Harrell-Fish Inc. Goes Digital with Jonas Construction Software

Move Slashes Payroll Processing Time, Improves Cash Flow

With their new Jonas Construction Software, Harrell-Fish Inc. (HFI) has reduced their billing cycle, enhanced payroll processing, and improved their overall service operation. HFI began looking at software solutions so they could rely less on manual processes. They also plan to transition to mobile technology. Jonas helped HFI realize immediate results, while HFI positioned themselves for a successful transition to Jonas eMobile in the near future.

On the construction side of the business, with the Jonas Purchase Order module, HFI has seen a big improvement. Chief Financial Officer Dave Conner explained, “Prior to Jonas, all of our purchase orders were handwritten, then manually processed and matched with the invoices when they arrived. It was just a very manual process overall. Now, with Jonas, we were able to write 15,000 digital purchase orders within Jonas in our first year alone, allowing us effectively to go from no electronic processing to a completely digital process.”

Over the past three years, HFI has grown from $9 million to $13 million on the industrial side. With Jonas, HFI has accommodated that growth without hiring any additional back office staff. Notably, HFI is now able to turn around billings about five days quicker with Jonas, improving their cash flow in the process. They have also reduced their payroll processing time from about four hours a month spread out across three employees to about an hour only with Jonas.

By partnering with Jonas Construction Software, HFI is running a more organized and efficient operation. With the service dispatch board, they are better able to schedule and manage their technicians through an easy-to-use dashboard view. If any discrepancies occur, they are quickly able to locate and correct them before the problem worsens.

In terms of overall functionality within Jonas, HFI has been impressed so far, “The great thing about Jonas, and this is very important to us, is that they have demonstrated a constant improvement of the product and take the input of their customers very seriously when making enhancements to the software,” stated Conner. “We truly wouldn’t be able to do things we are doing now without Jonas.”

Jonas Construction Software “allow[ed] us effectively to go from no electronic processing to a completely digital process.”

—Dave Conner, Chief Financial Officer, HFI

HFI also likes the ability to design their own forms with Jonas, which helps to simplify the entire reporting process. Also, with the additional savings they have attained through optimizing processes with Jonas, they have been able to put more money into the completion of actual projects. Since becoming a Jonas Construction Software partner, HFI has made great improvements with respect to enhancing and streamlining their business processes. HFI took the time to prepare for the transition to Jonas, which led to a smooth deployment process and put them in a position to succeed from the start. By implementing the software on a gradual basis, they allowed their employees to get acclimated to the system. Having already provided their technicians with tablets in the field, they are ready to implement Jonas eMobile solutions. With the backing of a fully integrated and automated software solution in Jonas Construction Software, HFI knows they can continue to grow without having to worry about investing in further software.

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