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Complete Temperature Systems Slashes Office Staff Time with MobiliForms

CTS Field Tech Jason Allen proudly shows his favorite tool—MobiliForms—which allows him to include pictures and audio in his work orders and is saving office staff 14 hours per week in processing invoices.

Complete Temperature Systems of Chicago cut office staff time by 14 hours per week using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies to help streamline their operations. Before, field work orders, service tickets, and preventive maintenance checklists had been driven around, which delayed invoicing and created the possibility of getting lost. Now, information streams in real time, allowing for same-day or next-day invoicing. CTS’ government contracts require specific work acknowledgement letters; with MobiliForms in place, they are signed onsite, stored, and shared digitally. MobiliForms also allows techs to capture pictures and sounds on work orders.

CTS achieved these benefits without changing their backend software. Service Supervisor Jason Churchill said, “Invoicing staff no longer has to hand-input illegible information from paperwork, saving approximately 14 hours per week. Our customers also really appreciate digital conveniences.”

Having heard about MobiliForms, CTS staff took a close look while attending the annual MCA of Chicago Tech Day. According to International Data Corporation research, U.S. business annual spending on mobile is $300 billion and growing. Industries like construction—where billable hours are paramount and labor costs continue to increase—are seeing the fastest returns on investment in mobile technology.

MobiliForms run on Apple’s iPad, a top choice for contractors seeking battle-tested mobile devices. Apple’s underlying iOS deployment platform simplifies managing devices and streamlines content distribution.

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