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Brandt Trims Installation Time with Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. Quad Close Trap Seal Device

Brandt selected the Quad Close Trap Seal Device manufactured by Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. for the Frisco, TX, campus of the Forest Park Medical Center because the ease of installation saves time and money

When Brandt needed a way to prevent sewer gas odors in the Forest Park Medical Center in Frisco, TX, they turned to the Quad Close Trap Seal Device manufactured by Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® The time saved installing the Quad Close when compared with trap primers “really makes a big difference,” said Keith Rosson, general superintendent at Brandt.

The Frisco campus of the Forest Park Medical Center is the second in what will eventually be a network of campuses located across the state. The facility consists of a four-story, 137,000-square-foot hospital, a three-story medical office building, and a five-story parking garage. The hospital is now up and running, and the rest of the facility will be complete soon.

Construction on the project was design-build. Brandt met with architects and engineers to speed up the process of developing the design and construction plan, with the ultimate goal of satisfying the building owner. For design-build projects, Brandt regularly develops a best-practices schedule that describes the products they would like to use to improve efficiency. They review this schedule with the city to get approval for products. For this project, the Quad Close was approved for and used in patient rooms as well as for infrequently used areas.

The Quad Close Trap Seal Device is designed to be installed in the drain body outlet, inside the throat of the strainer, or inside the pipe. It is made to handle a wide range of pipe and internal body diameters. It will fit inside two-inch, three-inch, and four-inch PVC and cast iron pipe. The three-and-one-half-inch model is made to fit inside a strainer throat with an inside diameter of three-and-one-half inches.

The Quad Close stays open when water is flowing into the floor drain and closes when the water stops flowing. When closed, the Quad Close prevents the emission of sewer gas, minimizes the evaporation of water in the trap, and helps prevent backup into a building.

Rosson observed that the Quad Close has saved them a significant amount of time. “We have to install trap primers in some jobs, but it really makes a big difference when we can use trap seals like the Quad Close. Trap primers just take so much more time to install, especially in multi-story buildings,” he said.

Rosson was also impressed with the ease of use of the product for retrofit.

“They are just really easy to use in multi-floor retrofit installations. It has less impact to the people in the building because you do not have to run the piping for trap primers or turn off the domestic water supply to tie them in.”

The effectiveness of the Quad Close allows peace of mind for the contractor and building owner. Rosson noted, “We have used the Quad Close in several different scenarios and locations in the past and have had zero problems. The last thing you want to happen is to get a call from a building owner complaining about sewer smells in the building. We can use the Quad Close and not have to worry about that.”

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