Recent Revisions to MCAA’s Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan

August 21, 2020

MCAA’s Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan was again revised to address changes to CDC guidance and add additional COVID-19 safety resources to the plan. MCAA recommends that you evaluate these changes to ensure that your company’s program is current.

Revisions were made to the actual MCAA Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan and to the accompanying documents, including:

  1. The addition of the Temperature and Symptom Screener Training PowerPoint with accompanying instructor notes;
  2. Changes to COVID-19 symptoms;
  3. Changes to discontinuing isolation protocol;
  4. Definition of “Prolonged Period”;
  5. Changes to temperature and symptom screening protocol; and
  6. Changes to PPE requirements for screeners.

The following resources can be found in the RESOURCE CENTER and below:

MCAA Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan & Checklist

MCAA COVID-19 Regulatory & Legal Guidance

MCAA Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan Questionnaires – Jobsite Screening and Company Screening Questionnaires

MCAA COVID-19 Return to Work Employee Safety Training PowerPoint & Instructor Notes

MCAA Model COVID-19 Return to Work Exposure Control Plan Test & Answer Key

MCAA COVID-19 Temperature and Symptom Screener Training PowerPoint & Instructor Notes

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