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Northwest Mechanical Group Ramps Up Business With BuildOps

Since switching to the easy-to-use BuildOps platform and its mobile app, Northwest noticed a significant increase in job satisfaction and productivity among on-site workers like Group Field Technician Ethan Gentles, as well as back-office employees.

When their out-of-date software started slowing them down in the office and the field, Northwest Mechanical Group switched to the BuildOps platform, simplifying and streamlining data management so they could grow their business. “Before we knew it, we were seeing quicker turnaround times on job closeout and a huge improvement in the time it took for quotes to be accepted by our customers,” said Chris Howard, owner and CEO.

Operating out of Portland, OR, Northwest Mechanical Group has been in the commercial service industry for more than 30 years, specializing in low-temperature refrigeration and HVAC services for supermarkets. Northwest relies heavily on technology to help manage its operations and improve overall productivity—both in the back office and on the jobsite. However, their previous software system was out of date, with no future updates in sight. As a result, they were experiencing pain points in the field and slowdowns in the back office. Data were being lost between different platforms. The constant need for repetitive entry and manual processes was causing growing frustration throughout their workforce. As a critical step to growing and scaling up their business, Northwest needed to find a better solution to help manage operations more efficiently.

Northwest spent years looking for software that could keep up with the modern needs of their growing operations. Eventually, they discovered BuildOps. “Since switching over to the BuildOps platform, we’ve experienced a significant jump in job satisfaction from our field technicians and back-office employees,” said Chris Howard.

“The platform is much more user-friendly than what we were used to,” Chris Howard continued. Northwest’s technicians appreciated the easy-to-use nature of the platform and its mobile app. “The [BuildOps] simple approach to field service and project management is unparalleled,” said Howard. “It lets us do exactly what needs to be done, no questions asked.”

BuildOps also saves Northwest both time and effort with invoicing. “The process has become far smoother than it’s ever been,” said Liz Howard, CFO. “And we no longer have to rely on insight from multiple applications to build an invoice—it’s all right there, rolled into one single platform,” she added. This new and improved process has allowed the company to refocus their efforts—helping them take on additional work, which in turn has helped them grow their business.

Since integrating the new BuildOps platform, Northwest Mechanical Group has increased their staff by 30 percent. With more staff, Northwest can keep up with the growing workload—a testament to the impact the right field service management software can have on a commercial business. “We highly recommend BuildOps to any other commercial contractor in the industry,” Chris Howard said. “It’s been a great tool for us to use both in the office and in the field.”

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