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Jackson & Blanc Saves Thousands by Deploying Rhumbix Core Digital Solution

California-based Jackson & Blanc digitized its timekeeping process with Rhumbix Core, saving an estimated $52,000 per year in labor costs alone. The company’s commitment to adopting innovative technologies is well-known, but adopting a new technology can sometimes be costly and require overcoming hurdles to implementation and adoption. Jackson & Blanc realized that technological advancements and social changes force companies to evolve—or fall behind.

The company’s challenges were two-fold: solve the inefficiencies and countless hours associated with manual timekeeping and gain broad buy-in and adoption with an automated approach. Before they brought in Rhumbix, J&B’s existing timekeeping method was done manually—100-percent pen and paper.

The process would begin each Monday with the team’s superintendent reviewing hours logged on various sheets of paper, then manually entering the data into an Excel spreadsheet. With a craft workforce approaching 125 employees, it became a marathon exercise that took about 10 or more hours per week. Additional time was spent investigating inconsistencies and correcting errors.

Jackson & Blanc was eager to address the problem. The management team wanted an easy-to-use solution that their extended team would quickly embrace and apply. A brief product demo of Rhumbix Core led to a month-long product trial. The company was quick to expand its list of software testers, and it included a cross-section of users, from tech-savvy to tech-challenged. Within three months, Jackson & Blanc deployed a digital timekeeping solution, stopped using paper, and fully embraced Rhumbix Core at all levels.

“It can be challenging to get our more veteran employees on board with any kind of change,” said Daryl Bauer, construction operations manager. “But this was different. It was so, so easy. Everyone embraced it.”

“Once we were introduced to Rhumbix, the decision was easy. The results were immediate.”

—Daryl Bauer, Construction Operations Manager, Jackson & Blanc

Today, the team bypasses hefty, error-prone paperwork and focuses on what really matters: building. The digital solution has led to more consistent time reporting from foremen and more
accurate timesheets overall, seamlessly connecting the field and office.

“Once we were introduced to Rhumbix, the decision was easy. The results were immediate,” said Bauer.

Jackson & Blanc found Rhumbix to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring broad user adoption and satisfaction. It simplifies their work and saves them time. What used to take 10 hours a week per foreman, now takes only 1 hour per week, so Jackson & Blanc saves about $1,000 per week in labor costs—a significant savings of $52,000 per year.

“The Rhumbix team is outstanding. Their support and flexibility are unmatched,” Bauer noted.

Learn more by downloading the Rhumbix ebook, Data Driven Construction: Evaluating Digital Solutions for Your Jobsite.

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