Competition Resource Videos

2023-2024 Competition Intro

Recording of the 2023 GreatFutures Forum Session that included an overview and specifics of the student chapter competition from the project provider and one of the judges.

2022-2023 Competition

Watch the competition finals from the 2023 Annual MCAA Convention. Here, the top four schools competed for the grand prize of $10,000!

2022-2023 Competition Intro

Recording of the 2022 GreatFutures Forum Session that included an overview and specifics of the student chapter competition from two of the judges.

2022-2023 Competition Movie Night

Curious what happens after your team submits a proposal for the competition and the Final Four are announced?  View highlights from three previous Final Four teams and hear tips from two judges on items they are looking for on stage.

2021-2022 Competition

Watch the competition finals from the 2022 Annual MCAA Convention. Here, the top four schools competed for the grand prize of $10,000!

Competition Best Practices

In this session you will hear from the competition judges on exactly what they are looking for as they review some of the best of the best previous proposal submissions.

Procore Overview

Attendees will be provided an opportunity to learn about Procore and the benefits of construction management software. Students will be given first-hand experience of Procore and will include a demo of Procore’s primary tools for specialty contractors and an interactive plan reading exercise.

Young Professionals Panel

New to your student chapter? Don’t know where to begin with the competition? Listen to recent MCAA Student Chapter graduates as they share how they approached their student chapter projects and how their student chapter experience helped lead to their career path. Learn best practices about how to manage a project and what a student chapter should consider when starting out.

Intro to WebLEM+Plus

Welcome to WebLEM+Plus, the next generation of the industry standard for estimating labor hours. Attendees will gain an overview of WebLEM+Plus, including how labor units are created for both the Component and the Work Activity Method (WAM) and what factors are considered in creating labor units. Students will learn how to navigate the software, how to access Component and Work Activity labor units and how to access Component and Work Activity labor units and how to locate information associated with each product.

Basics of Estimating for a Project

Every successful project starts with a precise and accurate cost estimate. The estimate can be what wins a bid. Take the time to understand the basic steps and what are the essentials to prioritize when estimating a project.  

Project Organizational Chart 

A project manager needs to consider the organization structure of a new project. Learn how to assess staffing requirements in terms of numbers, types and experience levels, and learn the best ways to implement and sustain organization efficiency.

Scheduling 101 

The construction project schedule provides a detailed description of the plans to construct the project’s scope of work. In this basic guide to construction project scheduling, we’ll discuss why we have schedules, why they’re important on projects, and how they should be used.

How Companies Use Fabrication 

Hear from a contractor’s perspective about the importance of how and why fabrication is used. Get a glimpse of the technology MCAA members are currently using and how it is evolving the use of fabrication.

The Business Side of Safety 

Although the primary purpose of occupational safety is, and always will be to get our workers home safely to their families, there is a business side to safety. Understanding how it works is critically important to all managers in a construction firm, and especially to project managers, foremen, safety professionals, superintendents, estimators, and human resource managers. This webinar explores the direct and indirect costs of occupational injuries, and how those costs can significantly impact construction companies.

Identifying Project Risks 

It is important to strategically manage the potential risks of a project. John Koontz shares insights for developing effective strategic plans and identifying key factors to help maintain consistencies in your construction project.

Digital Process of BIM 

More and more mechanical contractors are utilizing the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM). To understand why, we will look at the difference between Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Virtual Design Construction (VDC).

Understanding Service 

HVACR service and plumbing are essential offerings for the mechanical contracting industry. Get a bigger scope of the service side of the business, and the vital role service plays in a construction project.

Service Sales: The Importance of Planned Maintenance 

Learn about the value of planned maintenance and how it can help grow a business. Understand how maintenance agreements provide a service company with the most reliable, consistent and proactive source of revenue.

Understanding Finances of a Job 

A project manager needs to know what finances to consider on a job. MCAA contractors will discuss the financial side of the business, while offering key takeaways such as understanding direct labor and bond costs.

Organizing Your Proposal 

Finalizing your proposal packet? An easy and important way to boost a bid proposal is to maintain a level of professionalism. Learn tips of how to best format and organize your proposal, and have proper marketing quality. 

Competition Panel Wrap-up

The young professionals panel returns to walk you through a proper execution plan and answer any final questions about managing a construction proposal.