Category: Safety

Model Accident/Incident Investigation Program

Accident/incident investigation allows you to identify hazards and unsafe behavior so that you can implement measures to prevent recurrence. This model program will help you establish an effective investigation program for each project.

Fire Safety Training Video

MCAA’s Fire Safety Training Video will teach your workers to recognize common causes of jobsite fires and how to prevent them.

Your workers will learn about:

  • Health effects of smoke inhalation and burns
  • Common causes of jobsite fires
  • Proper fire prevention techniques
  • Safe fire response, including knowing when to fight the fire and when to get out and leave it to the professionals

Model Hexavalent Chromium Compliance Program

This program assists mechanical construction companies in complying with the OSHA standard, and enables them to meet increasing owner, GC, CM and prime contractor demands for written hexavalent chromium compliance programs.

Final Recordkeeping Rule Safety Bulletin

This bulletin summarizes changes to OSHA’s recordkeeping rule that require affected employers to submit occupational injury and illness information to the agency via electronic means. Learn what this means for your company.

Model Crane Safety Program

Need to develop a company or project-specific crane safety program? Let this model be your guide! It is designed so that you can quickly, easily and cost effectively tailor the model to meet the demands of owners , GCs, and CMs. This “ZIP” file contains the program in three versions: PDF, Word and text.

Job Hazard Analysis Guide

This guide describes the purpose of job hazard analyses and provides samples of analyses that are common and specific to the mechanical construction industry.

Model Hearing Conservation Program

“Mechanical construction contractors can easily establish a written program to help their workers protect themselves from hearing loss, and to comply with OSHA hearing protection requirements.”