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This bulletin offers tips for mitigating the risks of Design-Assist projects.

MSCA 2022 Benchmark Survey

In 2022, MSCA conducted a comprehensive benchmark survey to obtain current data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the HVACR and plumbing service industry. The results were very insightful and sure to be beneficial to all MSCA members. The full report is now available, results are presented in two formats, one is overall results and the second is broken down by company size which can provide specific insight relevant to your company.

Quality Assurance Manual

This user-friendly, comprehensive guide will help you develop QA processes and documenting system; it provides an easy way to evaluate your existing system. Developed by an expert consultant, this step-by-step guide provides the elements of a QA system, which you can modify to suit your company’s needs and your customers’ requirements. Included: time- and expense-saving forms.

Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Training Program

Together with the United Association (UA), MCAA is excited to bring you a new Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Program. Heat pumps provide clean energy that can reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide from energy sources, thus operating more efficiently. Numerous state and federal financial incentives make heat pumps beneficial to both building owners and contractors. Signatory contractors and UA members are uniquely qualified to get trained and perform the work to reduce the carbon footprint for any state or city. Email Raffi Elchemmas ( or Robert Vilches ( to sign up.

Successful VDC Management Flowchart

The best way to understand your company’s technology challenges is to understand your processes. This workflow tool helps you understand and document your company’s entire project management flow, including the application of fabrication, BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes. It identifies in detail the potential implementation of VDC throughout each phase of the project lifecycle and details the team members involved and their specific responsibilities for each phase of the construction process. (Note: MCAA members will need to set up a free Lucidchart account and create a copy of the template to customize the flowchart for their company’s processes.)

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide

MCAA has joined forces with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) to create an even more robust guide to equipment recovery costs for mechanical, electrical, line and other construction contractors. The guide offers insights on contractor-owned equipment to ensure industry professionals have the most updated costs to inform internal estimating, project proposals for new and potential customers, and cost accounting efforts.

Successful Project Management Flowchart

This indispensable reference tool will help you keep your jobs on track every step of the way. The flowchart includes critical activities for each job along with the individuals typically involved in that activity.