Category: Project Management

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide

Why spend time gathering equipment rates when you don’t have to? This is a comprehensive, current guide to cost recovery for commonly used tools and equipment. MCAA members can now access our Tool and Equipment Rental Guide via an enhanced web portal. There you can refine your search to find what you need quickly. A list of all rates is also included. Regardless of how you view them, search results can be downloaded as either a .pdf or .csv file. The traditional PDF format is also available for download.

Successful Project Management Flowchart

This indispensable reference tool will help you keep your jobs on track every step of the way. The flowchart includes critical activities for each job along with the individuals typically involved in that activity.

Quality Assurance Manual

This user-friendly, comprehensive guide will help you develop QA processes and documenting system; it provides an easy way to evaluate your existing system. Developed by an expert consultant, this step-by-step guide provides the elements of a QA system, which you can modify to suit your company’s needs and your customers’ requirements. Included: time- and expense-saving forms.