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Plumbing Service 101 Workbook Module 5 – Operations

This module covers many factors that must be considered, such as determining which existing HVACR service department resources might be utilized in an effective organizational structure with key personnel roles defined. Moreover, information is presented on establishing an operating philosophy which integrates plumbing service into the existing company’s corporate culture, including effectively communicating plumbing service details to employees, vendors, and customers.

MSCA 2022 Benchmark Survey

In 2022, MSCA conducted a comprehensive benchmark survey to obtain current data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the HVACR and plumbing service industry. The results were very insightful and sure to be beneficial to all MSCA members. The full report is now available, results are presented in two formats, one is overall results and the second is broken down by company size which can provide specific insight relevant to your company.

Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Training Program

Together with the United Association (UA), MCAA is excited to bring you a new Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Program. Heat pumps provide clean energy that can reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide from energy sources, thus operating more efficiently. Numerous state and federal financial incentives make heat pumps beneficial to both building owners and contractors. Signatory contractors and UA members are uniquely qualified to get trained and perform the work to reduce the carbon footprint for any state or city. Email Raffi Elchemmas ( or Robert Vilches ( to sign up.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Fabrication Shop Workers

This quick reference tool provides critical information on 61 safety and health topics that are specific to work performed by mechanical fabrication shop workers. The topics include everything from bloodborne pathogens through welding-cutting-heating, and zinc exposures. The manual also includes updated information on how to properly administer CPR.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians

This quick reference tool provides critical information on 84 safety and health topics that are specific to work performed by mechanical service technicians, including information on the newest and most frequently used refrigerants, substantive changes to NFPA 70E, and new information on how to properly administer CPR.

Pre-Fabrication Operations Guide for Plumbing

Whether you’ve been thinking about making the jump into pre-fabrication or you want to ensure that your pre-fab processes are taking advantage of the latest technology and tooling, this guide can help. It introduces pre-fabrication and explains how changing your company’s culture to one that focuses on fabrication can yield benefits such as significantly reduced labor costs through productivity gains, reduced onsite installation timelines, increased quality and reliability of work and reduced waste.

Water Metering with Courtney France

Water metering is an effective way to measure and track water use as well as assist in saving water. This webinar explored different levels of water metering, energy information systems that can be utilized for water savings, water audits and how they can be utilized for LEED points. Courtney France is Principle of France Sustainable Solutions.

Recorded on June 19, 2014.

Model Lockout/Tagout Program

Protect your workers from hazards associated with energy sources. This program explains what lockout/tagout procedures mean, why they’re important and what steps must be taken to comply with OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard.