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NCPWB Technical Bulletin: The 37-1/2 Bevel

The 37-1/2°± 2-1/2° bevel is the normal bevel angle to find on piping fittings and flanges and in many specifications and standards. Where did such a weird angle originate?


WebLEM is considered the industry’s most reliable, authoritative source for comprehensive labor units for typical project tasks. This web-based product contains the detailed labor data contractors have come to depend on.

With the WebLEM, you can quickly search for and retrieve information. Data in the WebLEM is reviewed and updated periodically to reflect the latest products and joining methods. You will need your username and password to log in to WebLEM. For WebLEM access questions, please refer to the WebLEM Access FAQs page.

Labor Estimating Guide for Service Version 2.0

Find industry consensus data for routine maintenance tasks and average times to complete those tasks in this handy guide. A discussion on basic assumptions, labor correction factors, list of routine maintenance tasks for 50 different pieces of equipment and more are included. The tasking lists are provided in both Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel formats for flexibility. Also available as a . ZIP archive for immediate download.