Spotlighting 2020 MSCA Extraordinary Everyday Hero Awardees

November 12, 2020

MSCA has been honoring our industry’s very own everyday heroes for the past five years at the annual education conference. Our expectations were blown away by just how many heroes we have within our industry – we received nineteen nominations this year! We are so proud of the many peers among us who do extraordinary things every day, simply out of the kindness of their hearts with a passion to make a difference for the better.

Ralph Caba, Donnelly Mechanical, Queens Village, NY

This past April, Ralph oversaw two projects that were an integral part of the emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic here in NYC, converting two facilities within Queens and Brooklyn into temporary field hospitals. With NYC being one of the first areas within the US to be hit hard by the pandemic, there were so many unknowns and it was truly an unprecedented time.  Ralph stepped up as the strong leader that the technicians needed to get them through the day to day while on the job.  Not only does Ralph have the technical skill but also exudes confidence and perseverance.  His motivating force helped get his team through this challenging, yet rewarding, job.

Ralph started his HVAC career as a service technician, where he primarily performed troubleshooting, installation and control work and has steadily progressed up the ranks to his current position as Field Supervisor. 

“Ralph is a true testament that hard work and a strong work ethic pays off,” shares Donnelly colleague, Kaitlin Simensky. 

Montavia Deloatch, Warwick Mechanical Group, Newport News, VA

A team of Warwick Mechanical Group’s technicians, including Montavia Deloatch, traveled to North Carolina during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to assist local residents who had been displaced due to Hurricane Florence. The team spent a week doing rebuild and repair work related to their trade but also installed insulation, exterior sheathing, gas piping, flooring, drywall, and framing. They painted, hung cabinets and performed any other repair work needed.

Montavia’s colleague and 2019 Everyday Hero Award Winner Michelle Collier commented, “They all came back talking about all the nice people they met and how satisfying it was to help these families get back into their homes.”

As a single parent, Montavia manages to create time to speak with students at local high schools, presenting HVAC and other skilled trades as an alternative to college. Montavia also coaches recreational football in his community.

Sonny Webb, Tozour Energy Systems, King of Prussia, PA

Sonny handles an array of daily tasks for Tozour Energy Systems building operations, from working in the warehouse and managing vendor relationships, to making coffee for the internal office staff and staying on top of building maintenance. Sonny goes above and beyond in all of his tasks, even with the current pandemic, Sonny didn’t miss a beat. He often arranged for special PPE drops and coordination for field personnel, sometimes even during personal time.

His consistent follow-ups with management for after hours calls were always taken on with a positive attitude.  For many office personnel, returning to work after several months was an adjustment, but Sonny’s uplifting spirits eased the transition process for his colleagues, creating a more pleasant environment to come back to.

“The building and people here stay afloat due to the efforts Sonny puts in on a daily basis. He makes you feel safe and welcome,” praised colleague, Kelly Goldovich. 

MSCA is proud to recognize these heroes in our industry and distinguish them as an MSCA Extraordinary Everyday Hero. We will be spotlighting each of these heroes over the next few months. For a full list of 2020 Extraordinary Everyday Hero Awardees, please click here.

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Register today for MCAA’s GreatFutures Virtual Fall Program starting September 15 through November 17! Each presentation is meant to help students navigate the proposal and bid process for the annual Student Chapter Competition project.

Registration is open for MCAA’s GreatFutures Fall Virtual Program! From September 15 through November 17, MCAA will host 17 presentations aimed at guiding our student chapters through creating a bid for the annual MCAA Student Chapter Competition project.

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