Manufacturer Technician Training

The United Association Training Department is pleased to offer HVACR industry courses in an agreement with the following major HVACR manufacturers through the 2017 Regional Training System: Carrier Corporation and Johnson Controls.

These classes are being offered at NO charge to attendees – registration fees will be covered by the ITF. Employers will be responsible for wages and all travel costs. Class size is limited and these classes fill up quickly. Priority is given to UA instructors.

Contact your local UA Training Coordinator to register through UA University. For course descriptions and requirements, please download the course catalog. You can find the courses described below beginning on page 8.

2017 UA Regional Training Course Catalog

Carrier Corporation Training

6041 SER 130 Centrifugal Disassembly and Reassembly 
Prerequisite: Course 6040 SER 120 Centrifugal Compressor Fundamentals

CDR is designed to teach experienced service mechanics how to properly disassemble both low- and high-pressure cen-trifugal compressors, including Models 19XL, XR and EX. Techniques and procedures for using precision instruments are taught for determining clearances, fits, and tolerances of various bearing, seals and components. Students also review compressor lubrication, motor cooling, and capacity control. Because this course is lab oriented with enhanced student/instructor contact, attendance is limited and early registration is recommended.

Course Date: October 31 – November 3, 2017, Location: Syracuse, NY

6042 SER 270 30 Series Screw and Scroll Chiller Fundamentals 

You will learn to operate, maintain, troubleshoot and service Carrier’s complete line of 30 series air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, models include 30GX/HX, RA/RB, XA/XW. This course is a must for any technician whose job it is to service the complete line of 30 series chillers. Studies include chiller refrigeration cycle, compressor theory, cooler heat transfer, water and air-cooled condensers. You’ll also learn how to analyze performance by recording and analyzing refrigerant and water pressures and temperatures.

Course Date: October 10-12, 2017, Location: Ann Arbor, MI

6043 SER 275 23XRV Liquid Chiller Screw Chiller Service and Operation

This course is targeted at service technicians who operate or service 23XRV chillers. This class will cover the chiller re-frigeration cycle, compressor theory, drive theory, cooler heat transfer, and water-cooled condensers. Operation and function of the compressors, muffler, condenser, coolers, economizers, metering devices, oil concentrator and accessories are covered. You will learn how to analyze performance by recording and analyzing refrigerant and water pressures and temperatures. Service technicians will be able to distinguish between chiller and system problems and to quickly diagnose problems using service logs. The class also covers the unit controls and how to set-up and adjust the controls for optimum system performance. In addition, recommended pre-start and start-up procedures, operational and field issues will be covered.

Course Date: October 17-18, 2017, Location: Ann Arbor, MI