MCAA’s WiMI Mentor/Mentee Program Introduces Jill and Hannah!

December 2, 2020

Hannah Inman has an infectious energy that she brings to her role as Program Manager with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington (MCAMW). Hannah has been with MCAMW for almost 4 years and has been involved with WiMI since the inaugural conference held in Chicago in 2019.

Jill McCall, Executive Vice President of MCA Chicago, has 20 years of association experience and has been in the construction industry for five of those years. Jill was one of the original committee members who kicked off the WiMI initiative back in 2018. She has a strong passion for the program and women’s issues even outside of the construction industry.

The pair bonded instantly, and their communication has only grown throughout the past year. As things slowed down due to the pandemic, they realized how important it was to check in with each other, even just to see how they were doing. With Hannah having a lot on her plate; newly engaged, finishing a degree and establishing new projects at work, the check ins were even more important! They both agree that it is nice to have a person to bounce challenges and new ideas off of, especially during a time where there is so much unknown in the industry as well as the world.

Hannah shared how much she values Jill’s mentorship, especially with not having any prior experience to this industry. “My self-confidence in my role here at MCAMW has improved. I’m learning how to better self-advocate, professionally. Also, my knowledge and communication skills have evolved, creating an advantage in my credibility within my network.”

Hannah recommends this program to all women in the industry – sharing, “as a female, especially a younger female, in a male-dominated industry, there can be challenges that arise which can be hard to navigate or receive appropriate support and/or feedback on. As the industry evolves in today’s world, certain aspects have unfortunately lagged behind others. This program, the support, resources, and its collaborative efforts, have brought aid to its progression, which I have found to be invaluable for both myself and to our association.”

Hannah came into this program with some goals already in place, including enhancing her professional experience and overall development, learning more about the industry, and receiving expert guidance and support. With that, her mentor, Jill, helped her create goals that included checking-in with each other once a month, enhance her efforts with their local WiMI chapter and workforce development, as well as striving to earn her CMP Certification.

Jill signed up for the mentorship role because “mentoring is one of the most powerful ways to help people grow.  It works both ways, too!” She encourages all females in the industry to be role models for new women entering the industry. The frequent check ins have benefited Jill as well, as the two have brainstormed new ideas and ways to improve both their local WiMI chapters and the national chapter.

“It’s the little things,” Jill shares when asked what her most memorable moment of being a woman in the industry has been, “Hearing a speaker adjust the introduction from brothers or gentlemen to brothers and sisters or ladies and gentlemen on the fly.” She has also been excited to see apparel at UA/MCAA events now offered in women’s sizes.  

Despite their busy schedules, the pair plans to continue their relationship beyond the initial six-month commitment and value and appreciate the time they can share and learn from each other.

“Jill is a cornucopia of knowledge and wisdom and I am thankful to have been matched with her, as I know our relationship has brought substantial value in my overall professional development,” Hannah concluded.

For more information visit the Women in the Mechanical Industry Initiative Page.

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Registration is open for MCAA’s GreatFutures Fall Virtual Program! From September 15 through November 17, MCAA will host 17 presentations aimed at guiding our student chapters through creating a bid for the annual MCAA Student Chapter Competition project.

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