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20 Years of Safety Excellence – November 2023: Workplace Safety

Workplace safety includes more than PPE and fall protection, it encompasses workplace distractions and workplace violence. Identifying warning signs and taking appropriate actions to prevent workplace violence is important to everyone’s safety and health. These resources show viewers how to protect themselves and others if they find themselves in an active workplace violence situation. This month’s kit includes two full length videos on workplace distractions and workplace violence and a microlearning series on workplace violence protection.

MCAA & Alliance Partners Suicide Prevention Webinar

Studies show that suicide is killing workers in the construction industry at five times the rate of work-related injuries like falls and struck-by incidents. And it’s killing them in all parts of the industry – including upper management. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to why this is happening nor is there an easy fix, but in many cases deaths from suicide CAN be prevented when we push mental health stigma aside and help one another. MCAA and our Alliance partners explored the topic during a September 13, 2023, webinar. This is one recording you won’t want to miss – you could help save a life!

20 Years of Safety Excellence – September 2023: Mental Health Awareness

Construction has one of the highest rates of death by suicide of all industries in the United States, about four times higher than the general population. MCAA is proud to tackle Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention head on with a series of NEW resources developed in partnership with the United Association (UA).

Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention Video

Our newest safety and health video highlights the success story of an industry veteran, with appearances from MCAA’s president Robert Beck, the UA’s Jen Massey, industry expert Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas, and MCAA member Ricky Reams.

20 Years of Safety Excellence – August 2023: Equipment Safety

In 2020, almost 3,000 fatal and over 200K nonfatal distracted-related motor vehicle accidents occurred. Commercial drivers are 6 times more likely to be involved in a critical safety event when participating in handheld browser activities. Also in 2020, there were fewer vehicles on the road, but the decrease in miles driven did not correlate to fewer accidents. Even with 11% fewer miles driven, vehicle accident deaths rose by 8.3%. This month’s kit includes resources on auto safety, forklift safety, and heavy equipment safety. Also, check out the four new CNA infographics in their fleet safety series.

20 Years of Safety Excellence – July 2023: Heat Stress

Each year, thousands of workers suffer from heat illness while working in high temperatures, direct sun, and humid conditions; dozens even die. Many mechanical contractors spend part of their working day in hot environments, both indoors and outdoors. Workers performing physical labor are often exposed to hazardous heat conditions that can have severe safety and health outcomes. This month’s kit includes information and posters from MCAA, OSHA, CNA and Milwaukee Tool. We will also be partnering with Tyfoom on a free heat stress webinar on July 27th at 3:00 pm ET.

20 Years of Safety Excellence – April 2023: Worker Health

Worker health is at the heart of all that safety professionals do. This month the MCAA is packaging six worker safety videos and their accompanying materials with eleven worker safety resources and bringing you an infection control recertification webinar with the ASSE, the American Society of Sanitary Engineering. Members can refresh training on subjects such as Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hexavalent Chromium, Silica, Radio Frequency Radiation Safety, Respiratory Protection as well as download guides, bulletins, and programs on each topic.

20 Years of Safety Excellence – March 2023: Power Tool & Hand Tool Safety

Every contractor and worker use tools to do their job. Injuries from improper use and choosing the wrong tool for the job happen far too often. This month’s kit provides members with information on the most common hand and power tool injuries in the mechanical construction and service trades. The videos highlight the tools most likely to be involved in an injury incident and teach proper use of the tools to help prevent injuries. Be sure to check out the additional resources from our partner in safety, MILWAUKEE TOOL, for additional information on power and hand tool safety.

20 Years of Safety Excellence – February 2023: Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is the last line of defense, and sometimes all you need to prevent and injury or save a life. Preventable injuries impact our safety culture, company morale, and our bottom lines. This month’s kit includes our newest videos on hearing protection, head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, and hand protection. These videos are a candid look at what happens when you don’t wear PPE, and how easily you can help yourself and others by wearing these lifesaving pieces of personal protection.

MCAA 20 Years of Safety Excellence PPE Series: Eye Protection

PPE is the last line of defense, and sometimes all you need to prevent and injury or save a life. To celebrate 20 years of safety excellence, MCAA is releasing five impactful videos in 2023 to help improve safety & health across the entire industry.

MSCA 2022 Benchmark Survey

In 2022, MSCA conducted a comprehensive benchmark survey to obtain current data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the HVACR and plumbing service industry. The results were very insightful and sure to be beneficial to all MSCA members. The full report is now available, results are presented in two formats, one is overall results and the second is broken down by company size which can provide specific insight relevant to your company.