Category: Pipe Welding

Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Training Program

Together with the United Association (UA), MCAA is excited to bring you a new Clean Energy Heat Pump Performance Program. Heat pumps provide clean energy that can reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide from energy sources, thus operating more efficiently. Numerous state and federal financial incentives make heat pumps beneficial to both building owners and contractors. Signatory contractors and UA members are uniquely qualified to get trained and perform the work to reduce the carbon footprint for any state or city. Email Raffi Elchemmas ( or Robert Vilches ( to sign up.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians

This quick reference tool provides critical information on 84 safety and health topics that are specific to work performed by mechanical service technicians, including information on the newest and most frequently used refrigerants, substantive changes to NFPA 70E, and new information on how to properly administer CPR.

General Welding Guidelines

Supplement your welders’ knowledge with these practices not included in the Welding Procedure Specifications. This information is necessary for the proper welding of pipefittings.

General Brazing Guidelines

Your brazers will benefit from the concise, easy-to-read background information and instructions in these guidelines. The guidelines supplement NCPWB Brazing Procedure Specifications and include both mandatory and recommended practices as well as general information.