Sloan Products Deliver Hygienic Solutions for First ‘Post-COVID-19’ Office Building

September 28, 2020

Thanks to Sloan’s integrated lineup of touch-free commercial plumbing systems, Chicago’s new Fulton East office and retail building is the nation’s first office building designed specifically to address employee health, safety, and wellness in the post-COVID-19 environment.


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“Negligent entrustment” can stem from employees driving company-owned vehicles, their personal vehicles, or other vehicles on company business. Employers have a responsibility to know if an employee has something in his or her driving background that creates a risk to others. Negligent entrustment implies a company knew or should have known that it put an unsafe driver behind the wheel of a vehicle and allowed that employee to drive on behalf of the company. (CNA is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.)…
Guy’s Mechanical Systems discovered that the Viega MegaPress Press-In Branch Connector saved them time by reducing the steps for installation in the process of remodeling a 20-story high-rise in downtown Pittsburgh. Renovating the aged building—constructed in 1902—into a hotel has been a complicated process, and Foreman Josh Mitchell said MegaPress has made it simpler. Viega is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.…
MILWAUKEE TOOL’s product lineup has long been J.F. Ahern Co.’s choice of power tools because the same batteries could be used for a broad range of tools, saving time and money. Recently, Ahern had the opportunity to test out some of MILWAUKEE TOOL’s new MX FUEL™ Equipment System, including the first-ever cordless core drill, on a project that required drilling more than 1,500 holes through various types of walls, including block and concrete. Ahern found that the handheld core drill was much more efficient than a traditional drill, providing more control and more power. MILWAUKEE TOOL is an MCAA benefactor sponsor.…
As the coronavirus pandemic flared up around the country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rapidly built alternative care facilities to alleviate strain on local hospitals—and MCAA member contractors and manufacturer/supplier partners were there to help. In Chicago, Ferguson, Bradford White, Laars, and Sloan all provided needed materials in record time, and Helm Group (formerly Mechanical, Inc.) was among those working on the ground nonstop as the HVAC and plumbing contractor for the job. Ferguson; LAARS, a Bradford White Company; and SLOAN are all benefactor sponsors.…

In the inaugural episode of MCAA’s Sponsor Spotlight series on Friday, October 30 at 2 p.m. Eastern, MCAA CEO, Tim Brink, welcomes Bill Hughes, Executive Vice President, End User Solutions for MILWAUKEE TOOL and Chair of the Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

Great video of a flying factory. I'm curious how they dissemble the hoisting shed afterwards, but the safety and productivity gains are easily seen.

Twitter feed video.Great video of a flying factory.  I'm curious how they dissemble the hoisting shed afterwards, but the safety and productivity gains are easily seen.
BAM Construct UK@BAMConstructUK

Zalmhaven - Using a flying factory and precast elements to construct the Benelux regions tallest residential building #offsite #innovation

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Scan to BIM (to Fab?) Either way, I can watch these videos on a loop.

Twitter feed video.Scan to BIM (to Fab?) Either way, I can watch these videos on a loop.

#3Dscanning creates #pointclouds that provide precise as-built measurements. One use of these point clouds is for a modeling reference as seen here in the timelapse. #wmtspaeder #vdc

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