Plumbing Podcast

Welcome to the Plumbing Podcast!

Plumbing is one of the oldest and most widely used construction technologies, and it’s critical to daily life as we know it. Yet in the United States and much of the developed world many people take for granted our access to clean, safe water and the removal of wastewater. Fortunately for them, plumbing contractors and industry experts work hard everyday to develop new technologies, bring health- and life-giving water to remote areas around the globe, and safeguard our precious water resources.

This podcast is being produced by PCA to offer insights to our contractors on newer practices, innovative products and ways to increase productivity. Over the course of 2016, we will have guest presentersincluding industry experts, owners and manufacturers. Listen in and click “subscribe” to stay up to date on our latest podcasts!

Sean McGuire interviews Armand Kilijian with O'Brien Mechanical to discuss the progression that the state of California has taken on water efficiency in their building codes.

Sean McGuire interviews Armand Kilijian from O'Brien Mechanical to discuss the importance of BIM to plumbing contractors.

Ed Gormley from Gormley Plumbing & Heating in McMinnville, Oregon joins the pod to discuss inventory processes for plumbing service contractors.

In this plumbing pod, Sean McGuire interviews Courtney France, MCAA's longtime green building consultant from France Sustainable Solutions to talk about a recent webinar that she did for the PCA.  The webinar not only highlights some innovative case studies, but talks about how plumbing contractors working on them were able to make an impact.

In this plumbing pod, Sean McGuire interviews Ben Ranger, Director of Organizing for the Michigan Pipe Trades.   Ben helped lead an effort to install water filters in Flint, Michigan donated by Plumbing Manufacturers International, with plumbers and service technicians from UA 370 and service trucks from Flint and the MCA of Detroit.  He discusses the situation in Flint, how many homes are effected and what steps need to be taken to make water safe again.

In this plumbing pod, Sean McGuire interviews Bill Erickson, a plumbing contractor with CJ Erickson in Chicago who mentored Team USA in the Community Skills Challenge that took place in Nashik, India.  Bill describes the international competition, the community and some of the design challenges for the limited infrastructure available.

Plumbing Podcast, sponsored by the Plumbing Contractors of America.  In this episode Sean McGuire, interviews John Geiling from JPG Plumbing in Jessup, MD.  They discuss how John's company got involved in commercial plumbing service, the benefits of commercial plumbing service as it compares to new construction.