Snap a Picture of Your Interns Before They Head Back to School & Submit a Grant Request for up to $2,000

July 21, 2023

Interns working at MCAA member companies are a win-win for our industry. Employers secure top talent and build a pipeline of future employees and students gain hands on experience, create connections and develop the skills needed to further their interest in mechanical contracting.  Snap a picture of your summer intern by a company sign, on the jobsite or in company apparel and upload it with your Internship Grant Application.  Interns and sponsoring companies will be featured on the virtual Intern Wall at MCAA24 before the Awards of Excellence Breakfast. 

Internship Grant Eligibility

The MCAA company must first ensure the prospective intern is in good standing with an accredited two- or four-year college, university or technical school.  While MCAA encourages its members to give priority to students from MCAA student chapters, this is not a requirement for a grant.  

Part 1

  • Companies with 1 intern are eligible for a $1,000 grant OR companies with 2+ interns may receive a $2,000 grant. 
  • Submit an application for each intern. If you have 15 interns, submit an application for all 15 of them since interns must be listed on a Part 1 application to be eligible for a Part 2 gift card upon graduation. (Maximum per company is still $2,000 no matter how many interns are submitted beyond 2.)
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for Part 1. 

Part 2

  • For companies successfully converting an intern from their Part 1 list to a full-time new hire, a $500 gift card will be mailed to the company to present to their new hire.  New hire conversions are unlimited, but the name must be included on a Part 1 list from an MCAA member company.
  • Part 2 applications may not be submitted until after the new hire’s full-time start date. 

Have Questions?

Please contact MCAA Director of Career Development, Michele Hoffman.

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