Student Chapter Awards & Grants

JRGF underwrites several student chapter grants and awards as part of its support for the MCAA Career Development Initiative. This is yet another component of JRGF’s commitment to funding the mechanical contracting industry’s most critical human resource needs.

Student Chapter of the Year Award

The Student Chapter of the Year Award recognizes an MCAA student chapter for outstanding achievement as an organization of students who are planning careers in the mechanical construction industry. The $3,000 award recognizes exceptional achievement in governance and leadership, membership recruiting, fundraising, community involvement and career development.

Those eligible for this award are chartered students chapters or chapters designated to be chartered at the next MCAA convention.


New this year, students can nominate their Faculty Advisor to be MCAA’s 2021 Educator of the Year upon completing their Student Chapter of the Year Application.


Year Student Chapter of the Year Award Recipients
2001 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2002 Ferris State University
2003 Purdue University
2004 Purdue University
2005 Purdue University
2006 University of Wisconsin-Stout
2007 Purdue University
2008 Ferris State University
2009 Illinois State University
2010 Ferris State University
2011 Illinois State University
2012 Purdue University
2013 Kennesaw State University
2014 Milwaukee School of Engineering
2015 University Missouri-Columbia
2016 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2017 Iowa State University
2018 Pittsburg State University
2019 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Educator of the Year Award

The Educator of the Year Award recognizes MCAA student chapter faculty advisors for serving as advisors, educators, and mentors of students who plan to develop a professional career with the mechanical construction industry. This $5,000 award honors the involvement and engagement of our industry’s academic leaders.

Student Chapter of the Year Applications and Educator of the Year Nominations are due by Thanksgiving 2021.


Year Educator of the Year Recipients University
2002 Tim Wentz University of Nebraska – Lincoln
2003 Daryl Oath Purdue University
2004 Tim Wentz University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2005 Mostafa Khattab Colorado State University
2006 Greg Baker Oregon State University
2007 Keith Rahn Illinois State University
2008 Mike Feutz Ferris State University
2009 John E. Schaufelberger University of Washington
2010 Mike Feutz Ferris State University
2011 Blake Wentz Milwaukee School of Engineering
2012 Blake Wentz Milwaukee School of Engineering
2013 Daphene Koch Purdue University
2014 Maureen Weidner Kennesaw State University
2015 Blake Wentz Milwaukee School of Engineering
2016 Mostafa Khattab, Dennis Pettitt, Colorado State University Colorado State University
2017 Brad Perkins Iowa State University
2018 Blake Wentz Milwaukee School of Engineering
2019 Cristina Cosma Wentworth Institute of Technology

Emerging Chapter Grant

Each year MCAA/JRGF seeks to award newly founded MCAA student chapters with an Emerging Chapter Grant to help get the ball rolling on creating a sustainable student chapter. In order to apply, a student chapter must be less than 5 years from receiving their charter and show their commitment to building up a successful student chapter. Applications will be reviewed by MCAA’s Career Development Committee and each new student chapter has the opportunity to receive this grant up to 3 times within 5 years of receiving their charter.


All applications will be reviewed and evaluated as they are received. Please contact Megan Walsh if you have any questions.


Year Emerging Chapter Grant Recipients
2007 University of Maryland
2007 Fairleigh Dickinson University
2007 University of Cincinatti
2007 Northern Kentucky University
2007 University of Nebraska at Omaha
2007 Iowa State University
2008 Kent State University
2008 Pittsburg State University
2008 Bradley University
2009 Kent State University
2009 Weber State University
2009 McMaster University
2009 Sacramento State University
2009 California State University, Chico
2010 Northern Kentucky University
2010 Central Washington University
2010 Western Carolina University
2010 Florida International University
2011 Oregon State University
2011 Binghamton University
2011 Fairleigh Dickinson University
2011 Minnesota State University Moorhead
2012 Fairleigh Dickinson University
2012 Minnesota State University Moorhead
2012 Oregon State University
2012 Binghamton University
2013 Binghamton University
2013 Kansas State University
2013 University of Nebraska at Omaha
2014 Binghamton University – SUNY
2014 Central Washington University
2014 Kansas State University
2014 University of Waterloo (Canada)
2015 Western Illinois University
2015 Washington State University
2015 Bradley University
2016 Ball State University
2017 University Missouri-Columbia
2017 Indiana State University
2017 Ball State University
2017 Western Illinois University
2017 University of Southern California
2017 Missouri State University
Ball State University
Indiana State University
Missouri State University
University of Southern California
Western Illinois University
2019 Alfred State University
2019 Missouri State University
2019 University of Maryland