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April 15, 2021

With more than double the number of attendees from the 2020 Tech Conference, the MEP Innovation Conference is providing more educational content over a wider spectrum of roles for contractors.

Event Dates: April 26 – 28, 2021

MCAA’s 2021 MEP Innovation Conference is proving to be a popular platform for contractors to learn about how new tools, processes, technology and equipment are impacting our operations. Participation is at an all-time high this year for many reasons. The virtual platform allows for more sessions to be held, all of the sessions address real-world issues because they are contractor-led, and corporate registration allows for up to 10 people from the same company to attend for $400.

Moving the conference to a virtual platform has provided some anxiety for attendees and organizers alike, but the benefits of providing an accessible conference in terms of affordability and availability are hard to disagree with. Contractors from all over the country can attend without worrying about costs and time associated with travel and how much they are being pulled away from project obligations or personal commitments.

The content has also expanded into more areas of a contractor’s operations. Technology has impacted estimating, project management, fabrication, service and safety. The MEP Innovation Conference has 32 breakout sessions and 30 roundtable discussions that allow the conversations to target specific areas of your business. Even more importantly, sessions are all being led by contractors. In order to provide real life solutions, not unrealistic projects in development, contractors that perform very similar roles are leading the discussions and sharing their processes.

Registration for the conference will be available through meeting dates, April 26 – 28. To learn more and register, visit the MCAA 2021 MEP Innovation Conference website.


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MCAA’s MEP Innovation Conference delivered contractor-based case studies to over 1,300 attendees and demonstrated how members are using these tools to thrive in today’s industry. Over three days, 32 breakout sessions, 30 roundtables and more than 100 exhibitor demonstrations, contractors learned about the arsenal of new tools designed for a digital age. Sessions focused on real-world practical applications in use by contractors. …
MCAA's 2021 MEP Innovations Conference provides more than just education towards BIM and VDC, it approaches every aspect of your operations that interacts with digital information. With the construction process adopting digital workflows, it is important to understand the impact on your business, including productivity gains and time saved due to new tools.…
We have built the MCAA MEP Innovations Conference to be different. We learned what works and what works better. Rather than trying to make it as much like an in-person event, we maximized the advantages of going to this platform – cheaper, more accessible and the ability to showcase more (and we mean a lot more) content. …

I am rewatching Steve Whitmer's presentation from MEP Innovation Conference on Rising Tide of Model Changes for 3rd time today. Too many notes for one pass. Great ideas on progressive coordination, VE vs BIM Costs, and cost impacts during phases. https://www.mcaaevents.org/innovative-technologies-conference/live/

If insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, false hope is doing a different thing and expecting better results right away.

Expecting immediate improvement is a barrier to progress. Two steps forward often start with a step back.


And the winner of the first @MilwaukeeTool MEP Social Hackathon was Zoo Fools. Their concept was devoted to animal hygiene with some "asymmetrical" applications of some of the finest tools in the business for what some might say were possibly unsafe uses. Thanks for playing.

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