MCAA Adds ServiceTitan to Partners Offering Access to MCAA Resources

March 1, 2024

ServiceTitan is the latest addition to the growing list of software platforms partnering with MCAA. The company is actively working to bring MCAA’s safety and health resources into ServiceTitan to make it easier for contractors to use and access, joining existing partners like Tyfoom and MCAI.

“These partnerships mark a significant step forward in enhancing member engagement and raising awareness of MCAA’s vital safety and health resources. Whether it’s our newest collaboration with ServiceTitan or our alliances with Tyfoom and Training Vault, MCAA is dedicated to making these essential resources more accessible,” said MCAA CEO Timothy Brink. He added, “MCAA remains unwavering in its commitment to developing top-tier safety and health resources. We are grateful to our Manufacturer/Supplier Council members and local associations for their invaluable support in fostering member engagement and awareness.”

Now MCAA members have three companies that are committed to delivering important safety and health resources through their platforms. As always, MCAA members can visit to access the same resources there.

Accessing the Materials

MCAA members with existing  Tyfoom or MCAI Training Vault accounts should be able to access the MCAA materials via their accounts. If you do not see the materials, reach out to your company representative. ServiceTitan is actively working to provide access to the MCAA materials from within its platform and looks forward to announcing updates in the near future.

About ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is the operating system that powers the trades. Trusted by over 12,000 contracting businesses, the end-to-end platform powers profitable growth for commercial and specialty contractors by connecting their service and construction operations in one place to help them optimize cash flow, increase workforce productivity, and improve their bottom line. By bringing an integrated SaaS platform to an industry historically underserved by technology, ServiceTitan equips tradespeople with the technology they need to keep the world running.

About Tyfoom

Tyfoom is the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training. We provide a simple and easy way to connect all employees with leaders every day to improve culture, productivity and employee engagement. Tyfoom employs non-disruptive, science-based techniques and gamification to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and increase accountability.

About MCAI Training Vault

Training Vault is an easy to use, convenient system that helps track all types of training — seminars, conferences, certifications, licenses, and more. The system is provided through the Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa.

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