Winning Team, Pittsburg State University, Visits the Site Used for the 2022-2023 Student Competition

May 4, 2023

The 2022-2023 MCAA Student Chapter Competition 1st Place Team, Pittsburg State University, was invited to Denver, CO on April 21st to view the real-life completed site for their proposal of the National Western Center, which included a meeting with Lynn Mueller, CEO of SHARC Energy.

Leslie Fangman, VP of Corporate Development at Centrio, led the group through a tour of the district energy facility that features the largest SHARC system in North America.  The students learned about the inception of the project, the predevelopment process, the construction and the operation of the facility.

Andy Wright (Senior Project Manager), Taylor Heideman (Project Manager), Kevin Stoddard (Director of Preconstruction), Sarabeth Gandara (Preconstruction Manager) and John Marlow (VP of Project Development) from US Engineering also joined on the tour to meet the chapter and answer questions from the mechanical contractor’s perspective on the project.

After the tour of the energy facility, the students quickly toured a couple of additional buildings on the National Western Campus and then headed off to the US Engineering office for a tour, “101 course” of the officer air handling unit, and lunch. 

On Friday afternoon, US Engineering attendees joined the students for a few rounds of TopGolf and networking.  Attendees from US Engineering included: John Marlow (VP of Project Development), Whitney Bell-Haggard (VP of Strategy), Kevin Stoddard (Director of Preconstruction), Sarabeth Gandara (Preconstruction Manager), Josh Martinez (Preconstruction Manager), Brandon Richardt (Preconstruction Engineer) and Lupe Garza (Project Manager).  Leslie Fangman with Centrio also attended.

Thank you to US Engineering, Centrio and SHARC Energy for this incredible invitation and experience for our championship team!

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