Congratulations to Kavan Limbasiya, 2024 Robert J. Durr, Sr. – UA/NCPWB Partnering Scholarship Recipient

May 13, 2024
Pictured: Brian Helm (JRGF President), Kavan Limbasiya (Recipient), Jim Dougherty (NCPWB Board Member / Executive Vice President of M&SCA of Eastern Pennsylvania, Inc.), and Robert Beck (MCAA President)

Congratulations to Kavan Limbasiya, the recipient of the Robert J. Durr, Sr. – UA/NCPWB Partnering Scholarship, which is in honor of Robert J. Durr, Sr., former chairman of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau Board of Trustees, for his effort and dedication in creating a partnership between the UA and the NCPWB, which resulted in the formation of the Joint Welder Testing Program.

Kavan is studying Construction Management at Pittsburg State University and anticipates graduating in May 2025. He is an active member of his student chapter and will intern with MCAA Member, The Waldinger Corporation this summer.

“I have gained a lot through MCAA not only academically, but also personally. Academically I’ve learned a lot of things about what goes into a fully functional mechanical system. The MCAA Student Chapter Competition project exposed me to the responsibilities of a mechanical company. Personally, MCAA gave me the opportunity to socialize and make connections that have helped me to grow to be a more outgoing person.

Mechanical construction captivates me due to its dynamic nature and the opportunity it provides for innovation. The mix of creativity and precision required in designing and building mechanical systems intrigues me, and I am drawn to what I can contribute to advancements in this field. The hands-on aspect of mechanical construction aligns perfectly with my desire for practical, real-world applications of engineering principles. Moreover, the continuous evolution of technology in mechanical systems excites me and I’m eager to immerse myself in a field that demands adaptability and problem-solving skills. I see mechanical construction as not just a career path, but as a platform to make a meaningful impact by shaping the future.”

MCAA and the John R. Gentille Foundation congratulate Kavan on this prestigious scholarship and thank the NCPWB for their commitment to supporting students interested in pursuing a career in the mechanical contracting industry.

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