Category: Managing Your Business

Retention of Professional Staff

This bulletin outlines specific strategies that contractors can implement to increase their ability to retain employees as well as metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Unit Pricing

This bulletin provides an overview of the “Unit Price” basis for pricing changes. It also highlights the pitfalls a contractor can expect in the implementation of a unit price change or contract.

Business and Politics

This bulletin provides advice, tools and information about the federal legislative process to help you be effective in presenting and discussing industry issues with your House and Senate representatives.

Benchmarking Data for Mechanical Contractors

MCAA’s new partnership with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) makes benchmarking data relevant to mechanical contractors available to all MCAA members. Members can compare their business performance against industry averages for 20 key financial ratios
and data segmented by region, revenue, form of business and best in class.

Guide to Human Resources Policies

Designed to assist you in developing a human resources manual for your company, this publication reflects current trends and law on human resource management.

Employee Reviews

Get tips on making the most of the employee review process, including how the review process can be used to improve the performance of employees and management alike.

Online Piping and Usage Specification (OPUS)

OPUS allows the user to make dynamic combinations of pipe types, materials, applications and joinings. This free resource was developed by a task group of MCAA contractors and Manufacturer/Supplier Council members for those who are new to the industry, but all MCAA members are encouraged to use the system.


ConsensusDocs, of which MCAA is a participating member, publishes a comprehensive library of some 100 form documents drafted in a co-equal consensus process among the leading industry, owner, contractor and specialty contractor groups. Included are trend-setting contracting forms that address BIM and the newest forms of integrated project delivery.

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Hiring Guide for the Mechanical Service Contractor

Get the tools and resources you need to efficiently recruit , hire and retain job candidates in order to build a competent and highly productive workforce for your mechanical service operation. Customizable forms are included to get you started right away.