Smart Solutions Case Studies

Holmberg Mechanical Saves Time, Meets Regulatory Requirements with Help from Anvil International

Holmberg Mechanical knew Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products would help them meet the quick turnaround time required for the new Colman Dock in Seattle, WA, which will service the largest ferry system in North America. But the job posed another challenge. Because the dock is a publicly funded project (with a price tag of $455 million), Holmberg Mechanical had to comply with Buy America Act (BAA) standards. They needed to secure the right materials on time and with the proper BAA certification.

Rock Hill Mechanical Meets Tight Timeline Thanks to Anvil International

Rock Hill Mechanical knew that Anvil International’s Gruvlok® system was a better choice for a new aquarium’s mechanical room than the originally specified PVC products. With quick delivery of the Gruvlok parts and the ease of installation, Rock Hill Mechanical met the tight timeline for completing St. Louis’s newest tourist attraction.

KOH Mechanical Saves Up to 40 Percent with Anvil’s Gruvlok Products

For KOH Mechanical Contractors, Inc., the labor savings realized with Anvil® International’s Gruvlok© Products made them the clear choice for keeping a hospital remodel on schedule and on budget. “Depending on the environment, the labor savings are anywhere from 30 to 40 percent,” according to Larry Hanson, vice president of KOH Mechanical, based in Riverton, UT. “If we would have been required to provide a welded system, we would have had to work the employees overtime in order to finish the project on time.”

Bennell, Inc., Overcomes a Tight Squeeze Thanks to Anvil International’s Creative Gruvlok System Design

Savvy design from Anvil® International allowed Bennell, Inc. to install all the needed systems in the very small mechanical room of a new residence hall and bookstore at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Because of the creative design, which included Anvil’s Gruvlok® connections for the heating and cooling pipe, Bennell managed to “make 10 pounds fit in a five-pound bag,” said President Craig Hosler.

Smooth Sailing for Seattle’s Floating Bridge Thanks to Anvil Products

For Seattle’s new State Route 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Diamond B Constructors, Inc. knew they could count on Anvil International for flexible couplings and fittings for the Schedule 40 pipe of the bridge’s wastewater removal system. In addition, because Anvil’s products used on this project were manufactured in its U.S. plants, they satisfied the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration for American-made construction supplies.

Sauer Group Selects Anvil Products to Support the World’s Tallest Launch Pad Water Tower

To support a massive water tower for a NASA launch pad, Sauer Group Inc. employed Anvil pipe supports and rollers for their durability and history of quality manufactured products. When rockets and spacecraft launch from NASA’s flight facility at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Wallops Island, VA, the engine exhaust generates an enormous amount of heat and vibration. To keep the launch pad cool, stable, and safe, a special deluge system pumps water from a 307-foot water tower, the tallest in the world. The Sauer Group’s support structure keeps the deluge system safe during tumultuous takeoffs.

Anvil’s Gruvlok Couplings Speed Up GTC Installation Time

With Anvil International’s Gruvlok® products and support, General Temperature Control (GTC) shaved months off its timeline for a school building project that had been behind schedule. Thanks to the swift installation time, the school opened on time. From GTC’s point of view, Anvil’s Gruvlok products and the company’s continuing support through field visits and behind-the-scenes logistics planning were critical to the project’s success.