Smart Solutions Case Studies

ACCO Installs BITZER Compressors To Breathe New Life Into Medical Office Towers

By installing new BITZER compressors to replace aging, inefficient, and unreliable technology, ACCO Engineered Systems of Glendale, CA, helped Cedars Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles improve the health of its two 11-story buildings. The upgrade not only met the needs of the building’s inhabitants but also qualified for a substantial rebate.

Industrial Cooling Corporation Retrofits Reciprocating Compressor with BITZER Scroll

Industrial Cooling Corporation (ICC) of Metuchen, NJ, recently retrofitted a 10-ton reciprocating compressor with a BITZER scroll compressor (ESH736-4SU) to keep overall client costs down, reduce power consumption, and minimize noise. Replacing large, inefficient recips with high-efficiency screw compressors on chillers and rooftop units is standard practice in many areas, but it is unusual to convert smaller recips to scrolls.

Pyke Mechanical Chooses High-Efficiency BITZER Screw for Compressor Retrofit

When the Miami International University of Arts and Design needed to upgrade its chiller, Pyke Mechanical was able to install a new, high-efficiency BITZER Screw compressor at only marginally higher cost than rebuilding the original compressor. The conversion went so well that Pyke plans to install BITZER screws whenever an upgrade opportunity presents itself.

“Plug-and-Play” BITZER Screw Compressors Slash ACCO’s Installation Time

Confronted with correcting the performance problems of an R22 direct expansion system with two magnetic levitation, oil-less centrifugal compressors at a building in Newport Beach, CA, ACCO Engineered Systems staff ran energy comparisons between oil-less, centrifugal compressor models and screw compressors. To their surprise, BITZER CSW Screw Compressors provided full load and part load efficiencies comparable to the oil-less, centrifugal compressors.

ACCO Gets Creative, Uses Single BITZER Compressor to Replace Tandem Units

When a major animation studio needed to replace a compressor and upgrade its systems, ACCO Engineered Systems took an unusual approach, replacing a tandem scroll set with a BITZER single semi-hermetic reciprocating 15-ton Varispeed™ model compressor with an integrated VSD. The new unit was easy to install and satisfied the customer’s demands.