Smart Solutions Case Studies

Safety Tips for Maintaining Wire Ropes and Slings

Wire rope is a machine, and a rather complex machine. There are no precise rules to determine exactly when a wire rope sling has passed its service or expiration date. There are guidelines, though, to follow to know whether a sling is suitable for continued use or needs replacement.

BMWC Safely Executes a Heavy Lift, Thanks to Lifting Gear Hire

For a challenging project with a short timeline, BMW Constructors, Inc. (BMWC), partnered with Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), who not only supplied the appropriately sized, tested, and certified lift equipment but also expertise in developing a lift plan. As a result, BWWC set two 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections inside an active, working refinery without disrupting day-to-day operations, completing the project on schedule and under budget. In addition to coordinating placement and use of a 550-ton crane, submitting an engineer lift plan for approval, and preparing the site to meet the project soil compaction requirements, BMWC was also responsible for removing the HVAC/scrubber units.

Popular Rental Equipment Can Meet Contractors’ Immediate Needs

The need for specialized equipment may arise so infrequently that a company cannot afford to purchase it. Moreover, storing, maintaining, and, in some cases, certifying equipment can create additional headaches. To meet their short-term needs, some contractors choose to rent equipment from sources such as Lifting Gear Hire Corporation (LGH).

12 Reasons to Rent vs. Buy Equipment

The question often arises within an organization, “For our next project, should we rent or should we buy equipment?” Renting equipment from companies like Lifting Gear Hire Corporation (LGH) comes with effective cost- and time-saving benefits. Keep these 12 reasons to rent in mind when organizing your next project.

Hayes Mechanical Employs Creative Solutions, Lifting Gear Hire Equipment to Meet Crucial Deadline

Without careful planning and support from Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), Hayes Mechanical might not have been able to install the new ductwork required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a Midwest power generation company, which would have caused the power plant to close. Thanks to high-quality LGH equipment, backed up by a strong commitment to customer service, Hayes Mechanical finished the project on time, and the unit was released back to the customer ahead of schedule.