Smart Solutions Case Studies

LAARS Slashes Operating Costs with MobiliForms

LAARS Heating Systems adopted MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies because they wanted to make their familiar site visit reports fully interactive and gain access to image capture, dictation, and cloud storage, which was not possible through their primary computer system. The new digital workflow saves LAARS significant time with each service visit, significantly reducing operating costs.

Complete Temperature Systems Slashes Office Staff Time with MobiliForms

Complete Temperature Systems of Chicago cut office staff time by 14 hours per week using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies to help streamline their operations. Before, field work orders, service tickets, and preventive maintenance checklists had been driven around, which delayed invoicing and created the possibility of getting lost. Now, information streams in real time, allowing for same-day or next-day invoicing. CTS’ government contracts require specific work acknowledgement letters; with MobiliForms in place, they are signed onsite, stored, and shared digitally. MobiliForms also allows techs to capture pictures and sounds on work orders.

Wilkes & Company Sees Rapid Return on Investment with MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

By switching to iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms mobile solution, Wilkes & Company simplified its reporting and reduced costs so much that the entire system paid for itself within 12 months. The rapid return on investment was particularly welcome, as a previous attempt to upgrade its software was wreaking havoc on the company during the first six months of implementation.

JEC Service Co. Saves $500,000 per Year with MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms solution “saves the company in excess of $500,000 annually,” said JEC Service Co. Service Manager Sean Thurston, by increasing labor efficiencies in the field and office. Since the company adopted MobiliForms, field staff complete their startup checklists, project management records, work orders, and timesheets on Apple iPads® for instant transmission. Thurston estimated that JEC’s 20 field technicians save at least an hour a day using this approach, which quickly adds up to substantial savings for the business.

Goshen Mechanical Accelerates Cash Flow, Eliminates Errors with MobiliForms

Goshen Mechanical is billing on the same day as service, has eliminated lost work orders, and has increased customer satisfaction by adopting MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies. Cash flow has accelerated from even larger customers, such as hospitals, that now pay in as little as four days when Goshen times the invoice submissions to synch with their accounts payable cycle. “We should have adopted MobiliForms a year ago,” said Chris Gaffney, co-owner of Goshen.

Anderson, Rowe & Buckley Shaves Hours, Speeds Up Cash Flow With MobiliForms From iBusiness

Anderson, Rowe & Buckley (AR&B) deployed MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, cutting labor costs and going paperless painlessly. “Our 100+ field techs are shaving time each day, and I’ve personally recaptured eight hours per week,” said Darin Sheridan, HVAC superintendent, who is tasked with overseeing the solution.

L.J. Kruse Company Increases Profits and Reduces Errors with MobiliForms

By transitioning from paper forms to iPads using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, L.J. Kruse Company saved time, increasing its billable hours. “We have dramatically reduced the time spent transporting and handling paperwork as well as eliminated mistakes,” said Nathan Kruse, vice president, L.J. Kruse Co. “MobiliForms has already paid for itself in time savings and eliminating errors.”

Picciano Boosts Its Bottom Line with MobiliForms

By transitioning from paper forms to iPad-based MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, “the time we save on paperwork is tremendous, and that translates directly to significant overhead savings,” said Marty Quarella, vice president of Louis N. Picciano & Son, Inc. The company also improved the quality of information recorded and saw a quick ROI.

Donald C. Rodner, Inc. Cuts Labor Costs, Billing Time by Going Mobile

By adopting MobiliForms software from iBusiness Technologies, Donald C. Rodner, Inc. sped up their invoicing time and cut down on labor costs while still using the same forms and backend software employees were used to. Don Rodner, president, said, “When I saw a demonstration of MobiliForms at the MCAA conference, it blew my mind. I knew that we found the right solution.”

JS Thomas Service, Inc., Gets Paid Faster Using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

By making the transition from paper service tickets to iPads® using iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms, JS Thomas Service, Inc., sped up its billing process, so now they get paid faster. The move also improved customer satisfaction. Because MobiliForms is compatible with QuickBooks®, the switch was easy.

West Chester Mechanical Goes Digital with iBusiness Technology, Saves Time and Money

To streamline the large amount of paperwork generated by each project and jobsite and to make it easier for key project team members to access, share, and update information, West Chester Mechanical Contractors, Inc., partnered with iBusiness Technologies to convert their processes and project documents to mobile, digital formats. The move was prompted by recommendations from both the MCA of Eastern Pennsylvania and Apple®.