Smart Solutions Case Studies

Rawal’s APR Control Modulates Humidity, Stops Mold Invasion in Mixed-Use Space

To combat the signs of mold and mildew growth, a Southeastern U.S. house of worship installed the APR Control manufactured by Rawal Devices, Inc. to eliminate the humidity causing the problem. Thanks to the new control, the organization avoided major health effects and was able to restore its facility to full use.

The Warko Group Strikes Perfect Humidity Balance with Rawal Devices

Pharmaceutical specialty and medical device manufacturer Angiotech had tried almost everything to keep humidity levels in its cleanrooms just right, but only the APR Control from Rawal Devices, Inc. was up to the task. Since The Warko Group installed the device, Angiotech has maintained humidity and temperature in its cleanrooms well within required specifications.

School District Creates a Comfortable Learning Environment with Rawal’s APR Control

The Nodaway Valley School District in Greenfield, IA, installed the APR Control manufactured by Rawal Devices, Inc. on all their unit ventilators to prevent the problems they had been experiencing because their direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems were oversized for the spaces they were servicing. The Rawal controls addressed the immediate problems and also provided protection against other potential malfunctions.