Smart Solutions Case Studies

Johansen & Anderson Perseveres Through the COVID-19 Pandemic with Jonas Construction Software

While some businesses struggled to produce the information needed to apply for a federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan when the pandemic spread, Rick Cronholm, owner of Johansen & Anderson, was able to pull all the necessary reports in less than 30 minutes, thanks to Jonas Construction Software.

Current Mechanical Improves Efficiency and Bottom Line with Jonas Construction Software

By implementing Jonas Construction Software solutions in the back office and on the front lines of service, Current Mechanical has made operations more efficient across the board, boosting the bottom line. Current Mechanical ultimately selected Jonas after speaking with many existing Jonas clients, researching competitors, and experiencing several demonstrations. “The overall positive feedback we received from others we spoke to within and even outside our industry really sold us on the software,” said Ted Current, vice president and CFO of Current Mechanical.

Flo-Tron Tackles Outdated Business Processes with Jonas Construction Software

Implementing a fully automated, integrated software solution from Jonas Construction Software helped Flo-Tron Contracting streamline their business, enhance efficiencies, and reduce payroll processing time by 50 percent. “The software we were using prior to Jonas was very limited, and we found ourselves having to regularly pay for external services and consultants to handle many of our business processes. With the fully-integrated nature of Jonas, we could handle all facets of our business in-house, which truly helped us meet all of our needs in a single software solution,” said Kari Cordell, controller at Flo-Tron.

Chiller Systems Service Boots Up Jonas Software, Cuts IT Expenses and Billing Time

Since implementing Jonas Construction Software, Chiller Systems Service, Inc. has reduced their billing cycle from three weeks to just one week, which gets them a faster turnaround on their invoices, improving cash flow. Using Jonas’ eMobile module, Chiller reduced their IT expenses by 50 percent, replacing laptops with more cost-effective tablets in the field. Jonas has also helped Chiller streamline their service operation and improve customer service.

Harrell-Fish Inc. Goes Digital with Jonas Construction Software

With their new Jonas Construction Software, Harrell-Fish Inc. (HFI) is now able to turn around billings about five days quicker, improving their cash flow in the process. They have also reduced their payroll processing time from about four hours a month spread out across three employees to about an hour only with Jonas.