Smart Solutions Case Studies

Key2Act’s Connect Gives Harris Company New View of Buildings

Using Key2Act’s Connect, Harris Company of St. Paul, MN, gathers data from building controls and sensors, then uses that information to identify problems much faster than traditional troubleshooting methods, which can take hours or even days. With Connect, a cloud-based solution, Harris technicians have eyes into their buildings that they have never had before—so they can find and fix issues quickly. Connect data can also reveal trends that allow techs to anticipate problems before they happen.

Herman Goldner Increases Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction with Key2Act’s MobileTech

The Herman Goldner Company expected that adopting Key2Act’s MobileTech would help them streamline processes and become more efficient. The mobile approach has also helped make technicians more independent, because they can rapidly exchange information with the home office, and it has reduced manual scanning and archiving.

Brandt Finds and Fixes Problems During Installation with Connect from KEY2ACT

Using KEY2ACT’s Connect technology to gather building data during a year-long retrofit project, Brandt found glitches in the products it was installing and was able to fix them before completing the work—without going over schedule. Brandt also uses Connect during commissioning to validate a building’s entire system at one time, which has proven invaluable.

Tozour Energy Systems Keeps Costs in Control with Connect from KEY2ACT

Using Connect, a data collection and analysis solution powered by KEY2ACT, Tozour Energy Systems can pinpoint and even fix customers’ HVAC problems remotely, saving time and money. When Tozour’s technicians go on site, Connect helps them more accurately diagnose problems so they know exactly what they are looking for when they arrive. “They’re not wasting their time or the client’s time and money looking around for problems that don’t exist,” said Tozour’s Executive Vice President Frank Rhea.

Egan Realizes Rapid ROI with KEY2ACT’s MobileTech

Egan Company installed the MobileTech solution from KEY2ACT, slashing billing time and eliminating time-consuming paperwork. Jeff Hawthorne, Egan’s senior vice president, estimated that Egan will see its return on investment (ROI) within 18 months of implementing MobileTech, which connects field staff to the back office, providing instant access to information and enabling both sides to easily manage service calls and appointments.

With KEY2ACT Software, Customers See What MacDonald-Miller Sees

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions partnered with KEY2ACT to create See, software that allows contractors to use smart glasses on job sites to capture photos and videos of their work. The new technology helped MacDonald-Miller speed up customer payment and dramatically cut down the time spent explaining work that was done to customers disputing charges. It also increases customer engagement, building trust and leading to new work.

Herman Goldner Credits KEY2ACT Signature Software with Improving Efficiency, Cash Flow

Herman Goldner Company, Inc., took its first steps toward a paperless workplace in 1998 with KEY2ACT and cites their continued partnership as the basis for improved cash flow and increased efficiency. Goldner points to the KEY2ACT Signature solution suite as part of the reason they have become a company with annual revenue figures of over $80 million and a staff of 250 employees.

KEY2ACT Outlines Best Practices for Updating Mobile Operating Systems

One of the issues that mobile-equipped companies struggle with is how to handle operating system (OS) updates. When to update depends on business needs, but you should only push out OS updates after evaluating risks and if they bring significant value to your business.