Smart Solutions Case Studies

Daikin Magnitude Chiller & Optimized Controls Save Hospital More Than $70,000 per Year

When it came time for Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center (LHDCMC) of Lanham, MD, to update its aging HVAC infrastructure, it quickly awarded the business to the Daikin Applied team in Washington, DC, which has helped the hospital meet its patient care and comfort needs for years. The project leads helped LHDCMC secure a $160,000 energy efficiency rebate from the local utility provider, and the updates will save the facility over $70,000 per year in energy costs. The work had to be completed in the midst of a shutdown necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With Daikin, Olson Plumbing and Heating Stands Up COVID-19 Care Facility in Record Time

Olson Plumbing and Heating partnered with Daikin Applied to retrofit a Colorado medical center to house patients recovering from COVID-19, moving from planning to project completion in just 30 days. In response to the rapid spread of the pandemic, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, CO, was redesigned to provide post-COVID-19, non-critical, isolated care, freeing up intensive care isolation units in other facilities. Daikin is a sponsor of MCAA’s 2021 Virtual Education Conference.

Daikin Expertise Ensures Smooth Chiller Installation in Urban High-Rise

A construction project at a senior living facility presents a specific set of challenges. For the Brookdale Senior Living Center in Chicago, Daikin overcame those challenges by combining customized products, advance planning, and know-how for successful installation of a new chiller, ensuring the project stayed on time and within budget.

Hospital Cuts Energy and Maintenance Costs with Cutting-Edge Daikin Chillers

When Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua, NH, started having problems with its antiquated chiller system, the facility was eager to make an upgrade and chose Daikin chillers primarily for the energy efficiency. As a result, it has cut energy use in half and reduced maintenance costs.

Design Flexibility of Daikin Applied Solutions Ensures Comfort, Efficiency for New York School

Built in the 1950s, White Plains High School in New York has stood the test of time, so when an HVAC upgrade was needed, school administrators wanted to keep it simple—and minimize cost and downtime. They selected Daikin Applied variable refrigerant volume (VRV) solutions to replace their aging systems with new, more efficient ones that fit the bill. Now, the school not only has a comfortable climate but also a more energy-efficient, quieter, and healthier classroom environment.

ACCO Installs Daikin Self-Contained HVAC Systems, Helps 49ers Stadium Score LEED Gold

By working closely with Daikin on design and modeling, ACCO Engineered Systems successfully installed 875,000 tons of sheet metal, miles of condenser and hot-water piping, and 21 large-capacity Daikin Self-Contained air conditioning (AC) units on a fast-track schedule with no room for delays. The energy-efficient HVAC systems helped the premier $1.2-billion Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, become the first NFL stadium to achieve LEED® Gold certification.

Daikin Modular Central Plants Speed Installation, Eliminate Downtime for Data Center

With fast installation as high a priority as efficient cooling, Herakles Data of Sacramento, CA, chose pre-engineered, pre-assembled Daikin Modular Central Plants to meet their cooling demands. “Our number-one requirement in selecting a new system was speed,” said Laurence Stancil, director of facilities at Herakles Data. “The new cooling system had to be installed and operating as fast as possible, with minimal interruption.”

Daikin Rooftop Units Paired With Intelligent Equipment Protect Museum’s Collections

To meet the stringent standards for climate control required to protect its treasured artwork and artifacts in storage, the University of California Berkeley’s Regatta Museum installed Daikin Rebel® commercial rooftop systems, paired with the Daikin Intelligent Equipment® solution that provides real-time data. Using the software solution saved time and money during the 6-week startup and commissioning process of a critical control application where rooftop package units are seldom used.

Apartment Complex Boosts Energy Efficiency by 20 Percent with Daikin Chillers

Owners of a Washington, DC, apartment complex undergoing renovation selected Daikin products for their reliability and energy-saving potential. The choice not only improved comfort and energy efficiency in the buildings but also netted a $62,000 rebate from the local electric utility, enhancing the owners’ return on investment.

ACCO Pairs BIM and Daikin McQuay Chillers for North America’s Greenest Urban Office Building

Commitment to energy-efficient products such as Daikin McQuay’s Magnitude® chillers and reliance on building information modeling (BIM) to manage a complex project helped ACCO Engineered Systems complete what has been called “the greenest urban office building in North America.” The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) headquarters in downtown San Francisco at 525 Golden Gate opened in July 2012. It produces a 50-percent-smaller carbon footprint and uses 32 percent less energy and 60 percent less water than similar 13-story office buildings.

New England Sheet Metal Works Sees Daikin Chiller as Perfect Fit for Historic Building

New England Sheet Metal Works, Inc. (NESM) chose a Daikin Magnitude® chiller to upgrade the historic T.W. Patterson building in downtown Fresno, CA, because its compact design fit the tight spaces of the 93-year-old building. NESM provided temporary cooling, engineering design of the new water-cooled applied system, and services that included the installation of the Magnitude chiller, related piping, and a cooling tower.

Egan Company Earns High Marks for University Installation of Daikin Rebel Comfort Control

By installing Daikin Applied highly efficient Rebel rooftop units, Egan Company overcame time challenges and space constraints, providing Bethel University with a more effective, energy-saving solution to its HVAC needs.