Smart Solutions Case Studies

Danforth Cuts Material, Labor Costs Using Viega MegaPress System for Black Pipe

Using black iron pipe for Buffalo General Hospital’s expansion project saved John W. Danforth Company material costs, while the new Viega MegaPress® carbon steel pipe joining system helped them make clean, consistent black iron pipe connections. Rich Mueller, Danforth’s project manager, said Danforth saved money in two different ways by installing Viega MegaPress. “First, we saved on the cost of the black pipe compared to the copper. And second, we saved on labor by using pressing instead of threading the black pipe.”

Erickson’s Aircrane Lift Saves JW Danforth Weeks of Installation Time, Costs

To keep on track with its project timeline, John W. Danforth Co. turned to Erickson Incorporated, a global provider of innovative aerial services, to place 44 sections of rooftop HVAC units securely in place in just one day. Erickson flew a Sikorsky S64 Aircrane helicopter above SolarCity’s 1.2-million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, NY. The Aircrane has a 25,000-pound lift capacity and easily carried the HVAC units—weighing between 14,000 and 18,000 pounds—in less than seven hours.