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With XOi App, Havtech Improves Communication, Expedites Service

XOi uses optical character recognition to automatically capture make, model, and serial numbers, so, “We can turn the warranty in with a lot less aggravation. It’s made my job much more efficient,” said Havtech’s Inside Sales Parts Representative Chuck Hicks.

XOi Technologies’ cloud-based mobile app takes the manual work out of getting critical information from the field into the hands of those who need it, which is helping Havtech streamline communication and improve efficiency. Havtech now has full transparency with their customers at every stage of the contract—from quote to completed work.

Headquartered in Columbia, MD, Havtech is one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest and most experienced providers of commercial HVAC equipment, building automation systems, field services, distribution, and energy solutions. Havtech sought to leverage their position in the market and consistently exceed the highest level of service that consumers have come to expect. With XOi, Havtech’s technicians are able to document every jobsite, capturing initial conditions, any recommendations as they arise, and an overview of what was done on site.

The XOi platform is a cloud-based mobile application that technicians access on whatever device they are already using in the field. Be it Apple or Android, tablet or phone, techs are able to leverage the XOi app at any time—without even an Internet connection required.

Full Transparency

With the app, Havtech’s technicians can provide photos and videos as visual evidence of their work, taking the guesswork out of what is really going on with facility equipment. As a result, clients can make informed decisions and feel confident in their investment.

“XOi has given us the tool to increase credibility and just overwhelm people with communication. We’ve had times where customers called in and challenged the work performed. Havtech has the ability to provide the customer with an electronic link to watch the associated video,” said Erik Hess, Havtech’s service operations leader.

“Before XOi, it would require additional meetings or technicians’ time to resolve the questions or disputes. The XOi solution has positively impacted Havtech’s credibility and quality of communication with our customers,” Hess noted.

Benefits Beyond

As the XOi solution took off, Havtech discovered the workflow automation they were using could also improve many other aspects of the business, including sales, warranty, and supply chain. For example, Inside Sales Parts Representative Chuck Hicks likes the way technicians can simply snap a photo of an equipment nameplate, letting the technology handle the rest. XOi uses optical character recognition to automatically capture make, model, and serial numbers. “We can turn the warranty in with a lot less aggravation. It’s made my job much more efficient,” said Hicks.

When it comes to parts requisition, a process that Hess formerly described as “inconsistent” was totally transformed as Havtech began using XOi workflows to manage it. Requests for parts were previously submitted through a service ticket or through a text, phone call, or email. Customers often had to call the office to inquire about when a part would arrive. Many hours were spent tracking down the order status, often leading to the need to expedite missing part orders, incurring next-day shipping costs.

“Now, the tech sends in the request, it is verified, and off we go. It’s repeatable and consistent. They send requests via XOi while they’re right there at the job, so it’s almost instant,” Hess said. He continued, “If you really want to get your business dialed in, XOi’s workflow automation is what you need for your business. It’s a customizable solution that produces results.”

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