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Popular Rental Equipment Can Meet Contractors’ Immediate Needs

The need for specialized equipment may arise so infrequently that a company cannot afford to purchase it. Moreover, storing, maintaining, and, in some cases, certifying equipment can create additional headaches. To meet their short-term needs, some contractors choose to rent equipment from sources such as Lifting Gear Hire Corporation (LGH). Some of the most popular rental equipment includes the following:

Modular spreader beams range in capacities from 24–1,000 tons and have spans ranging from 3’ to 100’. These beams are designed for one-man assembly. Most spreader beams can be manually handled onsite, reducing assembly time and the need for lifting equipment. They also have a variety of top and bottom rigging available.

Air chain hoists have capacities ranging from .5–50 tons. These hoists are designed for maximum strength-to-weight ratio. They function well in most working environments, use uncomplicated electronic controls, , and employ motors that function well in adverse working conditions. They can be chained to any height and can lift up to 50 times their own weight.

Come-a-longs are a versatile tool used for a variety of lifting or moving needs. They can be used in any angled position, even upside down. Come-a-longs are ideal for use in tight corners and have a capacity ranging from 0.75–9 tons. Come-a-longs are designed with low headroom and have a freewheeling capability that makes one-handed operation feasible. Because the braking mechanism is totally enclosed, the equipment is protected against dirt and moisture.

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